In South Korea today, it is becoming a very normal and trendy act for any South Korean to want to go under the knife as even the boy band and girl band idols have succeeded in making it not just popular but also influencing their fans to also go under the knife. So many South Korean movie and music idols have been under the knife and the Yoon Eun Hye plastic surgery rumors is the latest rumor about a South Korean to go under the knife to get our attention.

Yoon Eun Hye is very popular in Korea for her acting and modeling prowess. However in recent times, her name has been brought up as discussions that many have taken interest in the topic. It isn’t about her career that the discussion has been heated up but for the fact that her appearance has looked very charming and seductive. Even if she is yet to address these rumors, the evidences can actually be seen when comparing her old and new photos.

Plastic surgery in Korea is a very common practice and it has also been the reason why majority of people thinks that she might have also used it to enhance her appearance. The rumored plastic surgery that she may have undergone which produced positive results include eye surgery, rhinoplasty and boobs implant.


yoon eun hye plastic surgery

One of the most common plastic surgery procedures in Korea is the eye surgery. This kind of plastic surgery procedure is mostly used by Koreans to improve the eye and make it rounder. Yoon Eun Hye eye surgery really helped improved her eye area.

Apart from the eye surgery that she underwent, she also had rhinoplasty do to help improve her nose shape and appearance and it really produced a positive result that left her nose looking refined and straight. In her previous photos, her nose seems a bit wider and the tip looked bigger but with the plastic surgery already taken place, the nose now appears a lot different as it now looks slimmer and well positioned.

yoon eun hye botox

There are rumors that she didn’t just get an eye surgery and a nose job like every other Korean but that she also had breast implants to improve her small breast size and give her more comfort in that area.

Koreans are mostly with known for having smaller breast sizes and her before photos high light that her breast wasn’t the as big as it now looks. All the same, all her involvement in plastic surgery has helped improved her career and her personal life as well.

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In light of all the Yoon Eun Hye plastic surgery allegations spreading all over the internet, Yoon Eun Hye just like every other celebrity that has been under the knife hasn’t yet come out to say if she admits these rumors or if she denies any of these rumors.

To us, sincerely, it doesn’t really matter anymore because her looks are still quite natural and she got the better part of the surgical result since it didn’t end up ruining her looks. We also think she doesn’t need any surgical change on her face for now.