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Christie Brinkley is one female celebrity that is always looking younger by the day and even in her sixties, it is quite strange that she is able to maintain such healthy and youthful look. Of course, this would definitely give rise to the Christie Brinkley plastic surgery rumors as the former popular model has been rumored to have made visits to a plastic surgeon to enhance her looks.

There are speculations that Christie Brinkley has been under the knife to get a chemical peel, Botox injection and also to get an eyelid surgery and this accounts for why she looks so young just like when she was in the 1980’s.

Even though the Christie Brinkley plastic surgery rumors might not be as loud as the Angelina Jolie plastic surgery rumors or even the Lady Gaga plastic surgery rumors, Christie Brinkley still is a very good target for the internet to speculate and talk about.

However, in light of all these rumors, Christie Brinkley has also stated in public that she doesn’t rule out the fact that she might end up getting plastic surgery in the future. It seems that she doesn’t have the guts to go under the knife yet or maybe she isn’t just giving the move a thought.


christie brinkley plastic surgery

Another angle one can look at the Christie Brinkley plastic surgery rumor is the fact that her plastic surgery procedures did not end up like the Michael Jackson plastic surgery or Mickey Rourke plastic surgery but the internet is also waiting to see if Christie Brinkley would show any signs of aging which comes naturally.

However, people are yet to see the laugh lines or even crow feet but instead, her face has been free from wrinkles which still suggests that she must have had plastic surgery done on her face.

However, Christie is yet to make a statement whether these rumors are true or false so all we can work with are just these allegations and also comparing through her old and new photos. Also, we have to work with opinions of some plastic surgeons and fans who have a thing or two to say about these rumors flying all over the internet.

Christie’s plastic surgery procedures did not go above the line and that is why she still looks so cute regardless of her age and reports gathered also points us in the direction of doctor Norman Rowe who rumors claims was in charge of Christie’s nose job procedure.

christie brinkley botox

It is also believed that Christie had breast implants because as at the time when she kicked off her career, she had small sized breasts while her Blepharoplasty procedure was done so she could get rid of the crow feet forming under her eyes which was also another sign of aging.

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Furthermore, Christie must have had Botox and facelift regularly and we can’t help but admit that all of her plastic surgery move ended up making her look not just good but also made sure she looked quite younger and refreshed.

However, the Christie Brinkley plastic surgery rumors are yet to be backed up with evidence from the celebrity herself so we want you to tell us your thoughts in the comment section.