Singer of hit song “slow down the song” Selena Gomez is another celebrity who is heavily being linked to being under the knife and not just once but for three different plastic surgeries. The Selena Gomez plastic surgery rumors alleges that the singer must have been under the knife to get a nose job, been making use of lip filler injections and also a possible breast implant surgery.

However, the celebrity in question here Selena Gomez has never for one day admitted that any of the three plastic surgeries being linked with her is true and she also feels reluctant to want to talk about it.

Selena Gomez is one celebrity that has changed a lot over the course of her career as she seemed to be looking quite different from the way she was when she first found her way into the music industry.

Right now, she has a very hot and banging body which would make anyone say WOW and comparing between her old and recent pictures would actually show you that yes, Selena Gomez’s body has really changed within the past couple of years. Her body has gone through some changes which suggests plastic surgery.


selena gomez plastic surgery

One rumor about the Selena Gomez plastic surgery that has been buzzing round the internet for a while is the fact that Selena Gomez’s breasts have grown bigger than before. There are various speculations done about the increase in her breast size and this had led quite a good number of people to actually believe that the singer must have had breasts implants just to enlarge the size of her boobs. Her well rounded and large boobs now must definitely be the result of a perfect plastic surgeon work.

Another Selena Gomez plastic surgery allegation that is also being linked with the singer is her lips which now seems to be very full. This is however a very reasonable allegation as in the past, her upper lips used to have a thin shape but looking at her lips today, the upper lip is quite equal with the lower lip and this new development about her lips is strongly being linked to the use of lip filler injections which has ended up in making sure her lips looks great and juicy.

selena gomez botox

Justin Bieber’s ex girlfriend’s lip has definitely witnessed some changes and this also seems to prove that it is also another job done by a professional lip surgeon. Also, from the way her nose appears, it is also very possible that Selena Gomez must have had nose job and judging between her old and recent photos, it is actually very obvious that the star must have made some modifications to the shape of her nose. Her nose has been shaped now to have a very think look and this also is a masterpiece done by a professional surgeon.

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Selena Gomez just like most celebrity that have come under heavy criticism from using plastic surgery has not said anything to address this issue but if these rumors are true then we must truly say that these changes made succeeded in improving her looks some more.