Meg Ryan turned 54 in 2015. She is a good candidate to include in a list of plastic surgery slightly gone wrong in the Hollywood. Meg got famous in1980, and was among the list of beautiful ladies in the celebrity world. She looks charming and largely innocent which gives her a cute image compared to other celebrities like Jennifer Aniston. From an early age, Meg Ryan was interested in acting.

She made several appearances in minor roles of CBS Soap Operas. Meg Ryan was also nominated for Golden Globe award in 1989 for her role Harry Met Sally, a romantic comedy movie. She was radiated to new heights during this time of her career. But this movie was slowly pulling her away from the serious characters and giving her more offers for romantic comedies. Meg was natural until 1996.

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meg ryan plastic surgery

After then she made a horrible decision to take meg ryan plastic surgery treatments. She was still looking good in her real face. There was no need for plastic surgery which pulled her into the gloomy plastic celebrity world. Meg’s face today is swollen and no cute as before. She looks like a bitch with big lips. Meg has never admitted about her plastic surgery, but we could say that her plastic surgery disaster was a main reason for the decline of her career.

While sadly joker from batman is no more living with us, Meg can perfectly take over his part. We wish her all the best on this. Before and after photos of Meg reveal a lot about the various plastic surgery treatments taken by her. The changes are massive. One of the obvious changes, that one can see is lip implant. Most experts would point out to a GoTex lip augmentation technique that increases the muscles in the lips.

Also she has given her cheeks under the knife. Use of volumetric facelift using fat grafting is visible on Meg’s face.

meg ryan facelift

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Meg Ryan has been acting in the industry for so many years now and when your eyes finally get to meet her, you would be shocked because it seems like the actress hasn’t aged one bit. We call her the stunning blonde actress because of a truth, she hasn’t seem to age and the same can be talked about even when you go through her old and recent pictures.

A renowned doctor, Dr Southwell Kelly who didn’t play a role in meg ryan plastic surgery but indeed has so many years of experience when it comes to plastic surgery has weighed in the whole meg ryan plastic surgery allegation and insisted that she actress must have had lip fillers, eyelid surgery and also a facelift. This is however not the first time Meg Ryan plastic surgery is surfacing on the internet, trust me, Meg is used to these talks by now.

Meg Ryan on her own part has put away all the meg ryan plastic surgery allegation insisting that she loves her life and also talking about how much she loves the fact that she is aging.