Ryan Dunn was given birth to in the year 1977 in Ohio (precisely in Medina). Ryan Dunn became very popular for being part of the “Jackass and Viva Bam Crew”. Alongside Bam Margera, Ryan Dunn made unbelievable stunts that were recorded via camera and their both involvement provided platform for MTV Jackass. Not only has he been involved with only but he has also featured in films and as a host as well.

He appeared in films like Street Dreams, The movie and Mindghags and hosted events such as Home wrecker and many more. Ryan Dunn spent most of his time while growing up in different places such as New York, Buffalo, Philadelphia and many others. He attended Ohio High School and that’s where he came across Bam Margera and both of them formed a better relationship.

Bam Margera discontinued his education and went fully into becoming a pro skater while Ryan only skated and rode bike for pleasure purposes. Ryan and Bam Margera met with Raab and Dicamilo, and all four of them formed a group named Camp Kill Yourself. The group soon began recording videos of them stunting with skates.

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The group soon started to realize the influence they could make in the public view and soon they managed to record a video of Dunn portraying Capt Undies and smuggled it into the school via their video system allowing large majority of students to view Capt Undies. The crew started gaining popularity after that and soon their videos where sold in the skate market via underground.

The video didn’t just remain there but it made them very popular and famous as it sold all over the country. In the year 2011, Ryan Dunn and Zachary Hartwell died as a result of alcohol intake while driving. His involvement with skating, acting and TV personality was what amount his net worth to $6 million.

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ryan dunn net worth


  • America

Date of Birth

  • 11th June 1977

Place of Birth

  • Saint Thomas


  • 40 (deceased)


  • Stunt Performer


  • 230 Pounds


  • 175 cm


  • Melissa Rothstein
  • Nicole Boyd

ryan dunn career

Net Worth

  • $6 million

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