Reggie Miller was given birth to in the year 1965 August in the city of California (precisely in Riverside). His birth came along with abnormality in his hip area which didn’t allow him to be very mobile in terms of movement. But to ensure Reggie was able to walk normally, he was provided with braces to be worn on his legs.

Reggie Miller whose brother and sister were also involved with sport, with the former been a catcher and the latter basketball player, was involved with basketball during his college years with the University of California, LA. Reggie assisted his team in lifting the 1984-1985 championship (NIT).

Two years later he was shortlisted in NBA draft by Indiana Pacers and enjoyed an 18 years stellar career with them. Reggie became very popular for his specialty in throwing a three pointer shot. He enjoyed vast majority of wins at the expense of New York Knicks.

reggie miller bio

The 1996 Olympic Gold medalist with the United State basketball team has called time on his career in the year 2006 holding several records that include: 3 point field goals (recently surpassed by Ray Allen), Hall of famer (Naismith Memorial) 2012, Second all-time scorer (UCLA) and 5 All-star games.

Reggie has now retired from the sport but is still in the game as a TNT commentator. His all-round involvement in the sport has amounted to his estimated net worth $ 90 million.

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reggie miller net worth


  • America

Date of Birth

  • 24th August 1965

Place of Birth

  • Riverside, California


  • 54


  • Basketball player


  • 88 kg


  • 200 cm


  • Marita Stavrou

reggie miller career

Net Worth

  • $90 million

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