Paul Shaffer was given birth to in the year 1949 28th November in the city of Ontario (precisely in Thunder Bay) and he is basically well known for his directing in music, leader in band, Comedian and for hosting talk shows. His role as a talk show host in entertaining guest as seen him produced several albums to his credit and also assisted others in their bid.

Paul Shaffer musical career started at a tender age, while he was still a boy he learnt how to play classical piano and he later formed the “Beatles and “Neil young and joined up a rock band. As a young one, music wasn’t his first choice given the fact that he was going to join his father’s firm if he had studied law. But during his study yes at the University of Toronto, he couldn’t do away with music even thou he was studying psychology at that time.

Soon after graduating Paul Shaffer moved into music and was made the director in music in the year 1972 at Godspell a production in Toronto. He soon began to do commercials, free styles, commercial jingles and other works including radio works. Shaffer’s popularity rose after he was elected as the musical director in the year 1982 for SNL alongside David Letterman and as well the head of one of the most captivating bands.

paul schaffer bio

In the early 90’s, Shaffer debuted his first music album and featured several top talents, two years after his first album was released he and Letterman relocated to CBS  but soon after Shaffer underwent some lawful hardship and he was forced to re-modify the name of the band to CBS Orchestra. Paul Shaffer’s involvement with music over the years has led to his estimated net worth of $30 million.

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paul schaffer net worth


  • Canadian-American

Date of Birth

  • 28th November 1949

Place of Birth

  • Thunder Bay, Canada


  • 70


  • Singer



  • 165 cm


  • Cathy Vassapoli

paul schaffer career

Net Worth

  • $30 million

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