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Nelson Mandela was given birth to in the year 1918 18th July and died in the year 2013 5th December into the family of “Thembu” royal family. He is a graduate of the law faculty from the university of FortHare and Witwatersrand. Nelson Mandela lived in Johannesburg and was involved with anti-colonial politics and joined the ANC where he became a recognized founding member of its youth league.

Nelson was an anti-apartheid revolutionary, philanthropist and politician in South Africa. He later became the president of South Africa in the year 1994 and served till the year 1999. Nelson Mandela became the first ever democratic president and black chief executive in the history of the South African government. His regime was one that was centered on eradicating apartheid with the means eliminating institutional racism and administering racial equality.

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Nelson became the president of the ANC (African National Congress) in the year 1991 and served until the year 1997. His personality was well interpreted as someone who on democratic level is a socialist and while on politically level he is more of an African Nationalist. He served as the Sec. General of NAM (Non-Aligned Movement) for one year (1998-1999).

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  • South Africa

Date of Birth

  • 18th July 1918

Place of Birth

  • Mveso, South Africa


  • 18th July 1918 – December 5 2013


  • Politician


  • 102 kg


  • 193 cm

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  • Evelyn Ntoko Mase (1944-1957)
  • Winnie Madikizela (1958-1996)
  • Graca Machel (1998-2013)

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