The online gaming industry has been experiencing a healthy boom over the past few years, and the result has been a massive upsurge in gaming sites. But that is not the only area where development is happening – R & D and development have been happening on a massive scale in related areas as well, including virtual reality in gaming, casino, and game review portals, and also gaming for Android and iOS.

A number of these projects have already seen the light of day; for instance, Resident Evil 7 – Biohazard by Capcom released in April 2024, and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was slated for a June 2024 release. A couple of cool casinos have released as well – MaskedSinger casino and Casino Lab. On this page, we take a look at some of the gaming projects lined up for release in the coming months.

Enhancing Sports Betting and Gaming Experience with VR the Entain Way


Virtual reality has been making its presence felt in the online gambling industry slowly and steadily, and proof of this is in the efforts by Entain and Verizon Media to jointly develop immersive gaming and sports betting experience for players.

The project is set to make waves in the industry and boost the stature of the two companies involved. For starters, the brand new product – it is all hush-hush at this stage so no names have been dropped – is being offered on a virtual reality headset, Oculus Quest. That is good news for players and prospective customers because it gives them the opportunity to explore different VR-focused games at one go.

The objective is to provide users with an experience that is seriously fun and multi-dimensional, which is why it is going the feature-rich way. Features available include live streaming of games, enable virtual reality gameplay among peers and friends, exciting VR content, giving players the opportunity to build their fantasy teams using VR and ore.

Get Ready for Battle with Pokemon Unite


There have been quite a few Pokémon games over the years, and one that the company has developed exclusively for mobile is Pokémon Unite. This game has the usual MOBA formula – it IS after all a MOBA game – but with a few tweaks to give it the best fit for mobile.

The setting is a battle that pits 5 against 5 and you get to control your favorite Pokémon. You get points when you ensnare the wild Pokémon and offload them in specific sites. The game has 2 lanes instead of the usual 3. Another difference – this game doesn’t display any turrets. Other than that it resembles standard MOBA titles.

Currently, the plan is to develop the game for the Nintendo Switch for a scheduled launch in July 2024. Once that goes off smoothly, the next step would be a release for Android and iOS devices a little later, say some time in September 2024. The President of the company, Tsunezaku Ishihara had in fact announced the launch of Pokémon Unite back in June 2024. The wait, finally, seems to be getting over.

Get the Best Gaming Action and Bonus Information with NoDeposit.Guide


If you are someone who loves casino gaming but are having a hard time figuring out which are the good casinos to check out, help is on the way! Waiting in the wings for a grand launch by the end of 2024 is NoDepositGuide; the best guide around to the top no deposit bonuses for you.

NoDepositGuide is a great platform for players who are looking for information on various aspects of casino gaming, starting with a list of the best no deposit bonus offers in the industry for you to use! That is not all; you also get detailed reviews of the casinos around.

Expand Your Android Gaming Horizons with Plants vs. Zombies 3 from PopCap Games


The future is mobile, someone had said, and that statement has turned prophetic today! The mobile device is your go-to tool for a whole lot of things, gaming being one of them. There are loads of games to play, and one way that is set to fire up the Android universe is the third installment of the fun and high energy Plants vs. Zombies game developed by PopCap Games, a subsidiary of Electronic Arts.

Plants Vs Zombies 3 is quite different from its predecessors! Go big or go home seems to have been the motto that fired up the developers because all the differences are advancements over what the game earlier had. One of the most fun mobile experiences you can have, we suggest that you try it. The hit game has amassed tons of followers and was one of most played games in recent years.

This game has definitely been designed keeping the mobile fan in mind, and a good example of this is the availability of gaming in the portrait mode: studies suggest this mode to be the preferred one for one-handed gaming on a mobile device. Also, while the overall visual aesthetics remain unchanged, there is one huge change – the move from 2D graphics to full 3D models!

Truth be told, the game had hit Google’s Play Store end-2020, but the developers wound it back to incorporate player feedback. Now, the expectation is for this game to hit the Store by end 2024.