There is more than one way to bet on sports. You can bet in the venue or on authorized betting spots depending on the sport. In the past few years,  online sports betting sites has been a new and popular way, with physical sportsbooks now creating an online platform for users to enjoy sports betting no matter who you are.

But, which way of betting is better?

You can always try either option, but it helps to know whether their features can benefit you. Here are some pros and cons of betting in-person and on sports betting sites.

In-Person Betting


Betting in person has been the traditional way of sports betting for a long time. Physical sportsbooks, for example, are an excellent hotspot for sports betting, as it offers several sports and sporting events for you to choose from. Here are some of the pros and cons of betting-in person.


It Has an Entertaining Atmosphere. A physical sportsbook can provide that sensation if you want to get in the mood. It is the perfect place to sit and enjoy the sports event as it airs on their screens. You could even get a drink if you want.

You Can Interact With Fellow Bettors. Physical sportsbooks are great for extroverts. You can also bond with other bettors by going to sports betting spots to bet on your favorite sports. You can meet fellow sports enthusiasts who are also eagerly watching their events and waiting for the results of their bets. It is also a place where you and your friends can bet and hang out together.

A Personnel is Available for Help. If you need help, you can always ask for assistance. You might even be the type of person who feels more comfortable asking a human for help. Betting places will typically have staff that can cater to any inquiry you need, which is helpful to anyone betting in person for the first time.


It Can Get Crowded. Since you will have to be in a physical space when betting in person, the betting place could get crowded. This is especially true if you bet on sports events like season finales. The place could run out of seats, the staff will be busy, and placing your bets will take longer. It could help to stay early for a quicker transaction.

You May Have to Travel Far. Going from one place to another is not necessarily bad, but it could be too time-consuming, especially if you are busy. Unless there is a betting spot nearby where you live, it could cost you time and money.

Sports Betting Sites


Sports betting sites are websites where you can bet on various sports and sporting events. Also called online sportsbooks (as many are online platforms by in-person sportsbooks), they can be available as mobile applications. You can bet conveniently with a device, a stable internet connection, and an account. Here are the pros and cons of betting online.


You Can Bet Almost Anywhere and Anytime. You can log in to a sports betting site of your choice and place your bets regardless of where you are and what time it is. This is, of course, assuming that you will be in an area that allows sports betting.

Moreover, you can also bet any time of the day. Unlike some in-person sportsbooks with closing hours, betting on sports betting sites is not limited to what time you do it. You can bet 24/7, whenever you are free, right past midnight or early in the morning. If you are busy, you can bet anytime you can get a breather.

This is arguably the best feature of sports betting sites. It is a more accessible platform where everyone within permitted areas can bet without leaving their house. It could be that the closest physical sportsbook is too far, or one would have the time to do so. Sports betting sites are suitable for people who are too busy and cannot find time and those who want to place their bets briefly.

The information You Need is Quickly Available. The internet always gets the quickest updates regarding things like news. You can quickly get updates on news events with a few clicks, including your favorite sports events. With sports betting sites, you can check out news and updates about the events you want to bet on, especially if they are the official betting platform for a sporting event.

Sports betting sites will provide important information about the event, like the participants’ roster, the event’s schedule, and the odds, which determine the bet payouts. You will not need to look up other sites, as all you need is to check the event on the sports betting site, and you will receive the information you need.

The Betting Process is Much Faster. Betting on a sports betting site is faster than betting in person. With the latter, you must go to the place, place your bets, and possibly endure a long line. If you have a sports betting site account, you can place bets in just a few clicks.

They Offer Promos and Bonuses. A feature many online platforms typically have are constant promo offers, especially with big sites like Fanduel. Such promos are to provide extra convenience for betting. They are usually bonuses and discounts that can be obtained as a gift or after meeting specific conditions.



No Internet, No Betting. There are days when the internet won’t work well, or the signal is weak where you are. With little to no internet, connecting to websites or mobile applications that only operate online will be difficult or impossible. Betting online will be inconvenient if you don’t have a decent internet connection.

Risks of Scams. There are instances where you may come across fraudulent sites. The same applies to sports betting. Some sites may scam people of their money by baiting them with odds too good to be accurate and make it impossible for you to win, but should you do so, they do not give you your winnings or your money back.

However, this can be avoided when you know how to identify a legitimate and fraudulent sports betting site. Furthermore, it is easier to find legitimate online sportsbooks as you can quickly look up a list online.

To Sum it Up

Ultimately, it is up to your preferences regarding how you will be betting. But you can always try both options and select the best method for you.