To start playing such a large and multifaceted project as World of Warcraft, you need to study a lot of information.

This may seem like an uninteresting exercise at first glance, and it is much more interesting to play on a whim, or situationally. But in WoW there are too many different mechanics, profession systems, farming and leveling methods, racial diversity and regular updates that you can miss the meta and pump either a useless character, or do it inefficiently, which will lead to a quick exit from the project without understanding its essence.

To better understand the world of Azeroth, you need to refer to several sites:

  • gg
  • WoWhead
  • WoW Fandom this is a link to the service where professional players interact with gamers to help with character development, leveling, coaching, raiding carries and selling in-game gold.

Sale of Gold

Purchase gold in the quantities you need from professional Skycoach players to acquire the best equipment and weapons to make your start in the world of Azeroth much easier. Even buying health potions and food to enhance performance can help.


Order training from professional Skycoach players for your character. A player specializing specifically in your class will be selected.

Coach Skycoach will talk about the technique of pumping and farming gold, teach you to understand and adapt to the game meta, participate in PVP correctly and be in demand in raids and guild tasks.


Transfer the account to a professional Skycoach player to complete the leveling service to the required level 60 or 70. The service guarantees anonymity and uses VPN to protect the client’s personal data and mask all actions from the attention of the game administration.

Raid Carry

You pay for a service in which professional Skycoach players take you into a group that will enter a mythical or mythical + raid and are guaranteed to end the campaign with a victory, where all the reward and experience will go to the client.

For the safety of the raid and the guarantee of passage, the player will be killed at the start and resurrected at the finishing stage of the boss. When an opponent is almost killed, the player needs to land one hit to lock in their participation and be eligible to collect the reward.


Wowhead is a large database of guides and up-to-date information about all the mechanics that are in World of Warcraft.

Read about everything that interests you in detail, looking into future character development options to understand the outcome and realize if this format of play suits you.

Find a profession guide – this will help you learn how to farm and earn gold in World of Warcraft.

Professions can be collective and creating

If you choose only gathering, then you will not be able to produce useful goods for the server on your own, but you will be able to farm many important materials that will be bought by artisans and converted into useful equipment, weapons, jewelry, or potions.

The gathering professions are mining, herb gathering, and skinning.

Profession crafters allow you to create items yourself, or with the Dragonflight update, use the Order Table to complete errands from other players for cash rewards and increase profession skill, which will open up access to more complex items.

Crafting Professions – Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, Jewelcrafting, Alchemy, Engineering, Inscription, Tailoring.

You can’t level a profession without the appropriate materials, so you need to match the crafting profession with a gathering profession in order to be able to provide yourself with everything you need, pump the skill and earn gold. Farming locations can be viewed on Wowhead.

Read guides on developing and strengthening the main characteristics for each character.

For example, the rogue class deals its main damage with the help of skills, and the more often and stronger the critical attacks from skills and the strength of the techniques themselves, the more effective the class will be with respect to enemies. A skilled rogue can destroy a mage or healer with a single series of blows, and this is his main strength and focus.

Critical hit and mastery are pumped with passive bonuses to weapons and armor, and the higher the class of equipment and weapons, the more additional parameters the character will receive. You can get such equipment in raids, or by ordering manufacturing, having accumulated a sufficient amount of materials.

WoW Fandom

WoW Fandom is a repository of useful theoretical information regarding World of Warcraft.

This is not a library of guides, but the site will be very helpful in finding information where accuracy is important.

For example, the characteristics of the weapon that you are going to craft through the order table. See general stats, gem sockets, power-up options, the potential difference if the master is a weaponsmith and much more.

Find the NPC you want to take the quest from and see the difficulty and chain of quests that you have to complete to receive the reward. Look at the reward itself and the total time that you need to spend on average to get the result.

The second option is story quests that cannot be missed due to the continuation of the story and the importance of the reward, so you can find the quest and look for hints and recommendations for passing in order to complete the quest with saving resources and complete it in a short period of time.

Learn the history of the continents of Azeroth. The World of Warcraft is full of a lot of stories, quests and events that will help you better understand the outside world of World of Warcraft.

For the most curious, there is even the profession of an archaeologist, which is associated with excavation and study of the world of Azeroth with a shovel in hand and the opportunity to receive unique achievements and rewards.

Read and learn how to get key items and aids for your class.

For example, it is important for an archer to get not only a bow with a good physical attack, but also armor with jewelry. High-quality equipment will also enhance the attacking potential due to its characteristics, and jewelry will allow you to survive strong magical procasts.