While facial veins rarely result in uncomfortable symptoms, they can significantly interfere with your facial appearance. These veins can also affect your social interactions and self-esteem, lowering your quality of life. Fortunately, Dr. Jacobs and his team at South Shore Vein and Aesthetic Medicine offer effective Rockville Centre facial veins treatments that alleviate your symptoms and restore your facial beauty.

What you should know about facial veins


Facial veins are tiny capillaries located underneath your skin. Some people call them broken veins or spider veins. These veins rarely cause discomfort but may result in a burning sensation and swelling in some people. Medical experts often offer treatment for facial veins for cosmetic reasons. Although facial veins can develop at any age, they are more prevalent in older adults. As you age, your vein walls may stretch out and become dilated due to external or internal factors; they may also become more prominent due to the thinning of your skin. Facial veins may develop under your eyes, around your nose, temples, chin, or on your cheeks.

Factors contributing to facial veins

Although age is the most prevalent cause of facial veins, other factors can also contribute to their development. Staying in the sun for an extended period without sunscreen leads to sunburns that may dilate your blood vessels. You may also have a higher risk of developing facial veins if you have a close family member with spider veins. Other factors contributing to their development include underlying health conditions, hormonal imbalance, and prolonged sun exposure.

Diagnostic techniques for spider veins


You can identify facial veins due to their unique spider-like appearance. However, self-diagnosis is not always recommendable; you need to see a medical expert confirm the diagnosis. The South Shore Vein and Aesthetic Medicine providers conduct thorough medical exams to determine the underlying cause of these unsightly veins. If your facial veins are due to an underlying medical condition like rosacea, the team may develop a treatment plan to treat the disorder before addressing your facial appearance.

Available treatments for facial veins


Dr. Jacobs and his team work with you in developing an effective treatment plan for your disorder. They may recommend:

  • VeinGogh

VeinGogh is a cutting-edge treatment technique that utilizes the ohmic thermolysis process to address benign vascular disorders. Your provider uses the Vein Gogh device to transmit high-frequency microbursts into the damaged veins, causing the vein wall to collapse. Your body then naturally absorbs the vein tissue and redirects blood to flow through healthier blood vessels. This treatment only targets the faulty veins without interfering with the surrounding tissue.

  • Sclerotherapy

The team injects a sclerosing solution into the target veins using tiny needles during sclerotherapy. This treatment is also effective for some facia veins, especially the under-eye blue facial veins. Afterward, the veins fade from your skin surface as your body naturally absorbs them.

During your appointment, Dr. Jacobs will educate you about the available treatment option before helping you to choose the safest and most effective option.

Call the South Shore Vein and Aesthetic Medicine office to explore more about facial veins, or book your spot online today.