When we talk about the WSOP, i.e. the World Series of Poker, we quickly realize that we are talking about the main poker tournament event. Thanks to it, poker players can become famous worldwide and win big prizes. Of course, you must take into account that the tournament is attended by the best players, that is to say, to get a place in it is not really easy.

Before talking about the biggest prizes that have been obtained through the WSOP, it is important to know a little history of this tournament. To give you an idea, the World Series of Poker is an annual tournament that started in Las Vegas in 1970. Specifically, it was founded by Benny Binion and since its launch it has not stopped gaining popularity.

The beginning was only enjoyed by seven players, but from the second edition the number of players began to increase, which made the popularity grow rapidly. However, it would not be until the eighties when it began to gain importance because the prizes began to increase. During that century the buy-in was 10,000 dollars, which proved that it was a really important tournament. From that moment everything was growing, to the point of being able to say that nowadays it is the most important tournament.

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What are the biggest prizes in the history of the WSOP?


As you know, the WSOP is the most important poker tournament in the world. This prestige has not only been achieved because it has distributed great prizes, but also because it has managed to unite in the same tournament the best poker players. But to give you an idea, we are going to show you some of the biggest prizes that have been distributed in this tournament, you will surely be surprised.

  • The biggest prize that has been handed out at the WSOP was in 2019, when the winner of the tournament managed to walk away with a prize of $10 million. Specifically, the lucky guy was Hossein Ensan, which proves that really succulent prizes get to be handed out in this tournament.
  • The second highest prize was given to Martin Jacobson, who managed to win the 2014 championship and took home a prize of ten million dollars.
  • The third highest prize ever offered by this tournament was given in 2018, when the winner managed to walk away with a total of $8.8 million. Specifically, the prize was taken by the player John Cynn. It is true that it is not the biggest, but it was not far behind the biggest prize given by the WSOP.
  • Outside the traditional tournament, we also have to highlight the prize that Jamie Gold won. In this case it was given in 2006 and he got 12 million dollars. Of course, we want to make it clear that it was not the normal tournament, but a special version, hence the jackpot was higher. It was not really something from the WSOP, but from the World Poker Championship special. Even so, we thought it was interesting to comment on it because the prize was very important.
  • Outside the conventional WSOP prizes we can highlight the Big One for One Drop event in 2012. In this case the player Antonio Esfandiari managed to win a prize of more than 18 million dollars. This means that he won the biggest prize in the poker world.

How can I become a WSOP player?


It is not easy to reach the top of the poker world. To achieve it, you need a lot of experience and professionalism.

In order to have options to participate in the biggest tournament in the world, the first thing we have to do is to have our feet on the ground and be aware of how difficult it is to get there. Only the best make it, so you have to train and play hard to achieve success. Of course, one thing is that it is difficult and quite another that it is impossible. You should always have enthusiasm because it will be easier to overcome the different goals.

If you want to become a professional player, it is essential that you dedicate yourself to this to the maximum. Many professionals quit their jobs to dedicate themselves only to poker. We know that not everyone can afford that luxury, for that reason, we recommend you to dedicate many hours within your means. Without effort you will not improve and if you do not improve you will not go up steps to compete in higher quality tournaments. Remember, the main goal of most players is to compete in the WSOP.

Do not forget one of the main keys to be a good player. It is fundamental to learn from your mistakes. That means that, after finishing the game, we recommend you to analyze all your moves to recognize the mistakes you have made. If you are able to understand your mistakes, it will be more difficult to make them and consequently your game will be of higher quality. And as you can imagine, to get to the top you will have to be a very good player, that is to say, you will have to learn from your own mistakes.