It’s 2024 and that means that marketers will be reaching into their bottom desk drawer, dredging up their 2024 marketing plan, and blowing the dust off it to review its performance so they can make those all so important adjustments for the new year.

Unfortunately, most marketing plans barely ever change, it’s just more of the same.

Run some AdWords campaigns, send out those email marketing promos, write some meaningless articles in the hopes that one of them might pull in some traffic.

I’ve sat in the room with many marketers asking questions around their plans, what changes they’re looking at implementing, what areas they feel they could improve, etc.

In all of the meetings I’ve been involved in I’ve never heard any of these teams talk about bulk Bulk SMS, not once.

In the new world of digital marketing audience engagement is a major factor, the more of it you can get the higher your potential for driving business objectives.

“If you care about engagement you should care about Bulk SMS” – Angus Barrett,

Some of you reading this might be thinking that Bulk SMS is something only old school businesses get involved in, those out of touch businesses who still believe in sending out direct mail.

We live in the world of social media now, we need to focus on engaging users on their favorite platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, etc.

Have you ever heard of a guy called Gary Vaynerchuk? He is arguably the top dog when it comes to social media, he’s championed it for years, he used it to turn Wine Library into a multi-million dollar giant.

Guess what? He recently invested in two Bulk SMS companies, why? So he can engage with his followers. He was talking about how he was getting up to a 90% engagement rate from his followers using Bulk SMS!

Why is this exciting? Because no one is getting a 90% engagement rate on any social platform.

One of the main reasons for this is that the algorithms on these platforms are limiting your reach on purpose – that’s a whole other article.

In this article, I’ll share with you exactly why you should be using Bulk SMS to help grow your sales revenue in 2024.

Bulk SMS Has Super-High Engagement Rates


“Engagement” is a marketing buzzword that’s been around for quite some time now and it’s a fairly vague term so for the purposes of this article engagement simply means, has a person seen and read your marketing?

Name another marketing channel that will consistently net you 90% engagement rates? I’ll wait.

Noticed that I used the word ‘consistent’ this is key, it’s no good to have to rely on creating that unicorn marketing campaign that gets the attention of everyone on the internet, that campaign happens very rarely for most businesses they never get to experience this.

Bulk SMS will consistently get you in front of virtually everyone you send your campaign to.

Ask an email marketer who in their family they would sell to get 90% open rates on their email campaigns. If they send out a campaign and they get a 40%+ open rate everyone in the office will start popping champagne!

With Bulk SMS hitting 97% is actually the norm so I would use this for your big money-making marketing campaigns.

With tools such as SMS.TO, you can send messages to your customers in their preferred channel through SMS, WhatsApp or Viber Apps.

Bulk SMS Has No Performance-Crushing Algorithms


Remember a few years back when every business was on Facebook and they got to make a bunch of money simply by posting photos, offers, and updates on their feed?

A few years ago that change with the flip of a switch, Facebook decided that it was time for businesses to “pay to play” in other words if you want to keep getting that exposure you loved for free, you now had to pay for it.

Facebook crushed everyone’s reach down to 1%!

If you’re on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook content creators are being censored left and right.

These big tech media giants have the power to cut your reach overnight so you need to be clear that you’re not breaking any policies, and there are a lot of them.

But it’s not just social media that are making it tougher for businesses, email platforms also have algorithms that comb through your promotions before they are received and they decide whether your email is going to make it to the inbox or the spam folder.

These bots aren’t perfect there have been many legitimate emails (i.e. order confirmations) I’ve found inside my spam or “promotions” folder.

This is why email marketers struggle to get more than 20% of people to open their emails.

Bulk SMS has no all-seeing and all-knowing algorithm waiting to catch your SMS campaign to slam it inside a spam folder (there is no spam folder) or delivery score that will block your next marketing campaign from even sending like with email.

Every time you send your Bulk SMS campaign it will have nearly 100% delivery and nearly 100% open and read rates what could be better!

Bulk SMS is perfect for Noobs


If you’ve ever run online advertising campaigns before you have noticed that it isn’t that easy – it’s easy to lose all of your money real quick but that’s the only thing easy about it.

For search campaigns, you need to understand keyword intent, tracking, short ad copy, placement, quality scores, bidding strategies, images that get attention, negative keywords, audience targeting, pixel seasoning, etc.

The same is true for email marketing, we’ve sent a personal email before but email marketing is an entirely different ball game. To be successful with email marketing you have to understand how to actually get your emails opened, you need to understand spam triggers, be able to write copy, design, coding, coming up with copy angles that make the same old products and services fresh again.

Online advertising is incredibly complex which is why you have email specialists, social media specialists, PPC specialists, etc.

But have you ever heard of a Bulk SMS specialist? No. the reason for this is because Bulk SMS is exactly like sending a text message to a friend.

There are no graphics, coding, image sizing, nothing. You literally type out your message and click send – that’s it.

Not only is it a point and click style of marketing but you get results and ROI that would embarrass high-level marketers.