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Traveling and working in the United States of America without any previous planning and a proper plan might be considered impossible considering just how huge this country is. With more than 3 million square miles filled with thousands of highly populated cities, towns and villages it is quite complicated to find the right place to live, to travel to or work.

Keep in mind, if you plan on creating an adventure through the USA you will also need a worker visa. It is illegal to work in this country without one if you are a visitor from another country. To help you prepare for this adventure in 2024, we have made a short guide that will tell you all the tips and tricks related to traveling and working in the United States.

Why should you work and travel?

Before we get deeper into this subject, we should first go through the reasons why you should take upon such a bold experience in your life. Well, the most common reason why a lot of people want to do this is that it allows them to see the world, experience another nation’s culture all while making some cash on the side. Of course, a part of that money will have to be spent on food, gas, and accommodation, but if you land a good job, you’ll be saving some for your bank account too.

If you find a place that you like, you can stick around as much as you like, as long as you have a steady source of income. No one is rushing you or forcing you to go to another city. You can make your stay a two-week-long holiday if you want, it is all up to you.

You do not always have to be a tourist that’s just interested in landmarks and landscapes. By working closely with a town’s community, you may even become a part of it. That way, in the future you might get invited back to work for them or at least to spend a few days with them. Nothing is stronger than a newly formed friendship.

The USA is huge

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The fact is that the United States of America is simply too big which means it would take years if not decades for one person to see all of it. You can’t just go check out every state in two or three months. You also have to remember that you will be spending half of your time working which means you won’t have as much time exploring as you would want.

This is why it is so important to create a plan that will only include the most interesting places you want to visit. Sure, New York City might be one of the most famous cities on the entire planet, but if you have no desire to see it, why should you? Get online and do some research about the places you are going to visit. Check whether you will be able to find jobs that require your skills and whether they suit your needs.

Write them down and create a list with at least fifteen or twenty of them. Once you have created the list you can start ticking off those that are not as important and circling those that seem most interesting to you.

If you want to start your adventure as soon as possible, you will be happy to hear that getting a worker’s visa as a resident from Canada or Mexico is much faster and simpler. You will need to apply for a TN visa and not a regular one which you can find at

We should also note that planning a route with your destination is also vital because it can save you a lot of money. Going to the destinations randomly can cost you a lot of money on plane tickets or gas, depending on what kind of transport you will be using. Instead of going from Seattle to the other side of the country in Atlanta. Plan a route that you can follow which will ultimately lead you from one side of the country to the other.

For example, if you start out in New York State then you should start moving southbound to Virginia, North and South Carolina and finally to Florida. From there you can start going westbound and check out states such as Texas, Louisiana, Nevada, California and so on.

Take the weekend’s off

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It might seem appealing to be at your job throughout the day and then go on trips through the rest of the day and night, but the reality is that you will get tired quickly and you will soon lose your ambition for any kind of adventure. This is why we recommend to anyone planning on working and traveling the USA to take your trips on the weekend and keep the weekdays for your jobs.

This way, you will even have the option to stay overtime at your job while having more free time to do some proper exploring when the weekend comes. You won’t have to end your expeditions abruptly because you will have to go to your job the next day. Make sure that you make the trip easy on you, and if you need to keep your luggage safe somewhere there are companies that will safely store your luggage, check for more info about services like these. Use everything to your advantage so you can be sure that you can see everything that you want to visit.

Better opportunities at other locations

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During your travel, you will probably find yourself comfortable in some city, with good friends and good pay. At those moments it might seem like traveling to another location seems like a bad idea. We advise that you either avoid getting too comfortable or to get out of your comfort zone because the whole point was to experience more, not less, right?

You should also be aware that the opportunities you might face are endless. The possibility that you would find a much more interesting destination with a job that pays twice as much is very high. So, don’t shy away from exploring all of your opportunities that are represented to you.

Wherever you decide to travel, it will surely prove a wonderful experience.