Catholicism is one of the world’s largest religions, with over 1.2 billion adherents. And while it’s no secret that Catholicism is practiced around the world, there are some specific rites and customs that vary from country to country. For example, communion ornaments (also called sacrament jewelry) are different in different parts of the world.

What is Communion Jewelry?

Church-going Christians around the world partake in communion once a week, and one of the most common items they use to commemorate this important event is communion jewelry. This includes rings, necklaces, and ornaments like crosses, medallions, and rosary beads.

There are a few things you need to know about this jewelry before you buy it. First of all, it should be made from materials that are appropriate for an event like this. Make sure that the jewelry is appropriate for the person who will be wearing it. For example, if you are buying a necklace for your mother-in-law, make sure that the necklace is not too low-cut or revealing.

Finally, don’t forget to take into account your budget when shopping for communion jewelry. There are a variety of options available at different price points at LittleGirlsPearls so you can find something that works perfectly for your budget.



The most common types of communion ornaments are gold. This is because gold is the most popular metal for jewelry, and it is also the most durable. Many people choose to wear gold as a way of expressing their faith in Christ. There are many different types of gold communion jewelry, and each has its own unique features.

Some of the most popular include:

-Gold cross necklaces

-Gold rings

-Gold chains

-Gold earrings

-Gold medals

-Gold pendants

-Gold crosses

-Golden cupcakes


Another popular material used for forging jewelry is silver. Depending on your religious beliefs, you may choose to wear a traditional silver cross or a newer style necklace with a Religious medal attached.

If you plan to wear a religious medal, it is important to find one that is made from sterling silver. This type of metal is not only durable but also has a high silver content which gives it a distinctive look and weight. When choosing a religious medal, be sure to consider the design and make sure it matches the other pieces of jewelry you are wearing.

Rose gold


Not only is it beautiful to look at, but it also has a special meaning. Rose gold is associated with love and affection, which makes it the perfect choice for something as special as communion. There are many different types of rose gold trinkets out there, so you can find something that perfectly reflects your personal style.

Some of the most popular rose gold jewelry includes rosary necklaces, earrings, and rings. All of these pieces are small enough to be worn on a daily basis, but they still make a statement during communion season. If you’re looking for something more unique, consider choosing cast metal communion jewelry. This type of jewelry is often brightly polished and features intricate designs. It’s perfect if you want something that will really stand out during Mass.

Whatever type of rose gold ornaments you choose, make sure that it’s precious enough to symbolize your faith but also comfortable enough to wear every day. Assembling the perfect set of pieces can be fun and rewarding, so don’t wait until Mass to start shopping!


Pearl is a very versatile gemstone and can be found in many different colors and shades. It is also known for its luster and its ability to Sparkle.

There are many different ways to wear pearl ornaments. Some people prefer to wear pearl necklaces, earrings, or rings as a standalone piece. Other people like to use pearl pieces as accents on other pieces of jewelry, such as bracelets or necklaces.

Regardless of how you choose to wear your pearl jewelry, it is sure to make a statement and add elegance and class to your outfit.


Diamonds are very popular among women. They are often chosen because they are durable and last a long time, aside from being very beautiful. Other types of communion ornaments, such as pearl necklaces or gold crosses, can also be very beautiful, but diamonds are usually the most precious.

6 Tips for buying Communion Jewelry


There are a few guidelines to follow when purchasing communion jewelry:

  1. First and foremost, always buy gold jewelry that you truly love.

    If you’re not sure if a piece of jewelry is right for you, take it to a trusted friend for their opinion. Communion jewelry should be an expression of your own personal style, not someone else’s.

  2. If possible, try on the pieces you’re considering before making a purchase. This will allow you to get a better feel for the fit and how they’ll look on your body. Making a purchase without trying it on can be frustrating, especially if you end up returning the piece.
  3. When choosing a color, don’t go with something too flashy or over the top. A subtle shade of pink or blue will look elegant and sophisticated.
  4. Make sure to store your communion jewelry properly so that it lasts longer and looks its best. Keep it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture.
  5. Choose a style that is traditional for your church. Most churches have a specific style of communion jewelry that they prefer. If you’re not sure what style your church prefers, ask a member of the clergy or parishioners.
  6. When buying a bracelet, choose a size and shape that will fit comfortably on your wrist. It should not be too tight or too loose, as this can make it difficult to wear. If you have a small wrist, try choosing a smaller-sized piece. If you have a large wrist, try choosing larger-sized jewelry.


Communion jewelry is a beautiful way to commemorate the occasion of Communion and show your support for the church. Whether you choose traditional symbols or something more unique, there is an option out there that will perfectly represent your personal faith. It’s also a great way to show off your fashion sense, so don’t be afraid to mix and match different pieces throughout the year to create a look that reflects who you are as a person.