New York is one of the most diverse cities in the world rich in culture, art, and most definite music. It’s also the city that never sleeps, but that being said can you find any good online casinos?

Online Gambling Laws In New York

A quick look into New York’s gambling laws will have you wondering if online casinos are even legal at all in New York. Truth be told retail casinos and tribunal venues are indeed legal yet online casinos aren’t really mentioned. That being said the story was the same for online sports betting in NY which is now legalized and rumors have it that online casinos are soon to follow.

That being said, offshore casinos are technically legal to use in NY making online casinos possible to find in the city (Source: So how does this exactly work? Well, regular online casinos aren’t permitted to operate on state soil. As the name would suggest offshore casinos are online casinos that operate from offshore/out of state or abroad and provide their service to places that do not have online gambling options.

These offshore casinos operate in a legal grey area and have been providing many U.S residents with a chance at dabbling in online gaming without fear of prosecution in states where it’s still illegal.

How To Find Good Online Casinos In New York

Now that we have understood briefly the gambling laws that surround New York we can finally look into finding good online casinos in NY. Finding the top-rated online casino in NY is not as difficult as you might think, that being said it’s essential that you follow these next few tips.

For newcomers casino review sites are your best bet at finding excellent and trusted online casinos. Review sites not only review individual online casinos while offering you promo codes and tips but also compare the casinos with one another. This makes choosing a trusted casino for newcomers super easy and convenient.

It’s also recommended you conduct your own brief research when deciding which is the best online casino for you, here are a few things to look out for.

How & Why It’s Become A Risk Worth Taking


Online Casino Security

Today our world is going digital by the second. This means that a lot of data and information is constantly passing around us. This inevitably has made online data and information super valuable and many companies and industries use data for a number of tasks.

This has also created a problem, since data has become valuable it’s also prey to malicious users who can profit from the demise of your data whether via blackmail or selling off to wrongdoers.

This is exactly why it’s essential to make use of sites that take their client’s data. Make sure the casino site of choice is utilizing top encryption and security features to keep your account data and funds safe. One of the easiest ways you can check for site security is by making sure the site is using SSL encryption which is the little grey locked padlock you see when visiting giant trusted sites like amazon to the left of their link.

Gaming Licences

Another thing you should look out for is a gaming license. The world’s top bookies will make sure to acquire a gaming license before commencing operation. There are a number of reasons they would do so but primarily for casino sites it showcases that they are trustworthy and honest.

Achieving the “badge of honor” is not easy for online casinos either, in fact, they must undergo constant rigorous checks to ensure they provide safe and fair gaming to their clients.

Casino sites will need authoritarian sites like the UKGC, MGA, and many more in order to obtain said licenses. Casino sites that do not have any form of gaming licenses should be avoided at all costs. The sites that do not bother to obtain the said license are usually scamming sites and or providing horrible service to their clients leaving gamers frustrated and sometimes pocketless.

Customer Service


Another super important feature the check out when looking for an online casino in NY is their customer service. It’s essential to make sure the site’s customer service opening hours correspond with the hours you will be gaming if the site does not offer 24/7 support.

Live chat is the best customer service option available followed by call and email services but the most important detail will still be the opening hours. If the customer service opening hours do not correspond with your gaming hours you might have long waiting times to get your problems resolved.

As a good measure, it’s recommended to check out the customer service by heading over to the site and asking a few random questions that you might have, if the customer service respondents are quick while also getting to the bottom of your queries then the site should be considered!

Bonuses & Promotions

Did we not mention the insane casino bonuses being offered by online casinos as of the present? Online casinos due to the sheer amount of volumes and new clients signing up on the regular plus the added benefit of low overhead costs afford to hand out players enticing bonuses that are hard to pass.

Whether free spins on your favorite pokie, bonus funds to spend or ongoing promotions on certain table games online casino bonuses are unlike those found at brick-and-mortar stores. These bonuses can further reduce the risks of gambling by increasing the value of your current deposit and therefore reducing your overall spending while gaming!



Just as we wonder what it’s like living in Cardiff for students many wonders if New York online casino gambling is worth the risk, thankfully due to emerging technologies it’s becoming easier and simpler to enjoy online wagers without much risk.

With legalization, the entire situation for New York’s gambling scene should only improve and with time through the tax revenue generated from the said industry so should the entire state of New York.