If there is one furniture piece that I absolutely adore in my apartment, it is the red Chesterfield sofa that I purchased at a second-hand store. The best thing about it? Well, besides it being completely comfortable, instead of paying over 2500 dollars for it, I managed to get it for less than 1200 dollars at a used goods store.

However, is it really wise to buy used furniture? Are there some benefits and drawbacks? Fortunately for all individuals that are wondering about the same thing, this article might shed some light on the entire topic. Let’s take a closer look at the 11 pros and cons of opting to purchase used goods for your home:

The 6 Pros

1. You Could Locate Some High-Quality Pieces


Used pieces have all survived the test of time, which means that some really high-quality pieces could last for years, even centuries! This implies that you’ll be able to find some really good pieces that might need a little bit of cleaning and restoration, however, you’ll be getting it for half the price you would pay for new items.

2. It’s Perfect For Eco-Conscious Individuals

As you already know, the whole furniture industry produces a lot of waste and it does also waste a lot of precious resources. From lumber to textiles, all the way to special coating and resins, it’ll take a lot of materials to make all the things needed for one’s home – which is especially true if it’s modern and newer pieces.

On the contrary, purchasing used goods can easily lower the need and demand for new resources. Hence, if you’re striving to be more environmentally friendly you should definitely purchase used goods and this goes for everything else that you might want to buy.

3. You’ll Find Whatever You Need


According to the experts from NFO, opting to go second-hand will allow you to find some really valuable things. In most situations, different stores will sell valuables, which means that you could, for example, find a vintage nightstand for a relatively cheap price. On the contrary, it’ll also allow you to find newer pieces, however, without the head-spinning price tags.

4. It’ll Allow You to Be Creative

In some situations, you might need to restore an object, which means that you’ll need to apply a fresh coat of paint or perhaps change a few doorknobs. This is something that will allow you to be creative, especially since you’ll be able to do whatever you want with the thing you’re thinking about restoring.

5. You Can Adjust The Parts to Your Needs


You might want to create your own pieces, and if so, you should opt for buying a used furniture item, mostly because it’ll provide you with high-quality materials for a relatively cheap price. Once you obtain it, you can redesign an entire piece, meaning that you can make a new piece that will suit your needs.

6. It’s Incredibly Fun!

Browsing for used items is incredibly fun! Whether you choose to go to several yard sales or if you spend hours on the Internet trying to determine what is suitable for you, one thing is for certain – you’ll definitely have a lot of fun. Additionally, you’ll be able to get inspired by some pieces that you see, so, once you get the items you want, you can start restoring them!

The 5 Cons

Besides all of the wonderful advantages that we mentioned above, there are also some disadvantages that you might want to look out for, especially if you never purchased second-hand before. The cons of purchasing used furniture things include:

1. There Might Be no Warranty


One of the first cons that you might come across is that you probably won’t get a warranty. So, once you find something that is appealing to you, you might want to ask the seller whether or not it comes with a warranty that the item is in functional condition. If the seller doesn’t offer a warranty, you might want to think twice before you actually buy it.

2. The Transport Might Be Expensive

Another problem that you might come across is that the transportation expenses might be high. When you buy new items, you’ll probably get free delivery, however, with second-hand shops, this isn’t an option that you can choose. Hence, if you don’t own a van or a different vehicle, you’ll have to arrange for it to be transported which will definitely increase the overall expenses.

3. You’ll Have to Restore The Furniture


Although it’s completely fun to restore old items, it can be quite time-consuming especially since you’ll have to first clean the items and then repair and restore them. Also, you might need to purchase the materials you’ll need for restoring the furniture, which means that you should think about that when you’re browsing as well.

4. A Limited Quantity

If you’re like me, you probably like to pair and match the furniture in your house, however, when you choose to buy second-hand, this might be a problem. In most cases, you’ll be lucky if you find two items that are exactly the same, which is one of the reasons why you might want to buy individuals pieces only.

5. You Might Not Find What You’re Looking For


Last on our list, but still worth mentioning is the fact that you might not find what you’re looking for. What does this mean? Well, even though you’ll be able to find and browse through a wide range of options, you still might have a hard time finding exactly what you need. The entire search can also turn out to be quite stressful and time-consuming.


If you’re planning on renovating your home, you might want to look into purchasing second-hand furniture pieces. Not only is it cheaper, but it’s also possible that you’ll find furniture that is made from high-quality materials and more importantly, it’ll be more Eco-friendly.

So, now that you’re aware of all the reasons why you might want to buy second-hand, you really shouldn’t lose any more of your time. Instead, open up a new search tab, and start browsing through various shops in order to find the items that will suit your home, budget, and requirements.