You probably haven’t given too much thought to this condition, but trust us, it is essential to know. Candida can happen to anyone, especially if your lifestyle isn’t right. If you have cravings for foods rich in sugar, often sessions of brain fog, and the meals you eat cause you to bloat, you are very prone to fungal infections.

Most of us have some of these symptoms on a frequent basis, and sometimes they do not mean much. But in some instances, they can be a sign of much more severe conditions. Candida is just one of the millions of bacteria, viruses, and microbes that can be found inside of our gut. It is one of those fungi that are natural inhabitants of our mouth and digestive system. When it is a small dosage of it that we have, it is good for our well being. But when it starts to grow, the thing has gone astray.

While it is not a big deal on its own, if we leave it untreated, it can cause numerous other health problems you do not wish upon yourself. Many recent studies show its connection to some of the worst autoimmune diseases there are. This is not a cause for panic, but it is worth knowing how things are. Now, if you’re not sure how to detect or prevent candida, we are going to try and explain the basics. Before we move onto the best candida treatments, let’s first talk about what makes it grow in the first place.

What Causes Candida Overgrowth


Many things cause candida overgrowth, and some of them will surprise you as they defy common sense. Nothing should surprise you these days, so that we will start with the oddest one.

* Antibiotics – But, but, they should cure us, don’t they? Yes, they do fix some of the diseases and various types of viruses and inflammations. But as their name suggests, they do so by killing the enemy. Sometimes antibiotics can’t tell the difference between good and bad bacteria, and they harm the excellent particles in our bodies. Sometimes they kill the bacteria that keep the candida in order, and it consequentially starts to grow. The best way to prevent this from happening is to consume probiotics with antibiotics to keep the balance inside your organism intact.

* Sugar & Processed Foods – If there ever was a bad combo, this is it. The nutrients you get from processed foods and sugar are perfect for yeast growth. It comes as fuel for them. If your diet is rich in sugar and processed foods, you are almost sure to start suffering from candida and even push it to grow. If you are on this diet for a prolonged amount of time, the chances are your immune system will suffer, and as a result, your body will become prone to inflammations and various other diseases.

All things taken into account, you are best off avoiding a particular lifestyle to prevent candida. To do this, you’ll need to have a healthy life and watch out for your diet. Just some of the products you are better of avoiding include:

– Alcohol and cigarettes
– Grains and gluten
– Dairy products
– Fermented foods and High-Glycemic Fruits
– Beans and Starchy Vegetables

How to Fight Candida?


Now you know what causes it and what foods should you avoid. The turn is that you learn which foods are promoting the fight against it. Luckily for you and everyone who has candida as their enemy, there are plenty of products that are on your side. Some of them will surprise you, but most are easily found in almost all grocery stores.

* Coconut Oil – The reason why coconut oil can fight this yeast is that it is rich in caprylic acid. This acid can attack the walls of candida and get to the infection itself. When women are fighting this infection, taking coconut oil can do the trick. It is best used in small dosage through the food we take or with tea. It is not recommended to use the essence directly on open wounds.

* Garlic – One of nature’s most potent anti-inflammatory cures. It is adept in fighting microbes, fungus, bacteria, and even cancer cells. Garlic is a true friend of every person seeking a healthy life. It is best taken raw, but you can use it as an ingredient of all and every meal you make. You can also take it in the form of supplements if the raw version is too much for you.


* Ginger – This vegetable is the next in line of anti-candida cures. It is excellent for fighting various inflammations and fungus. It is no wonder it is used as an ingredient in most healthy foods and drinks. The reason it is like this, it’s because it is easy to make it part of your daily routine. The most common way of taking it is through tea. It super easy to make as all you need to do is boil water and add some sliced ginger. The best part of the day to take it is before you go to sleep.

* Apple Cider Vinegar & Lemon Juice – Quite common and easy to find. These two make a perfect combination in every sense of preparing to fight fungus and bacteria. The best way to intake it is to have a warm glass of water with lemon squeezed inside. The other ingredient we mentioned can be used in any salad you eat often.

Any of these methods you choose can help you with this condition, but it takes time to see the result. Never give up before you used a foolproof strategy for at least a month. If you are not looking for a natural way of fighting this infection, you can always take probiotics as they’re a great way to handle the situation. Anyway, if you are still looking for more about this condition, be sure to check out this piece on how to get rid of candida.