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You would like to have a beautiful house that will impress family and friends, don’t you?

So spend some time deciding which flooring style you want to install in each room of your home. This is part of modern interior design and the options at your disposal are endless.

Take some time choosing a great looking flooring solution. Your floor is an important part in any room and should not be dismissed lightly. But different rooms need different types of floors.

Obviously you should not lay parquet in a humid room like the bathroom or carpet on your kitchen floor due to possible food stains. Which floor covering to choose according to your needs and desires? Whether you are renovating or building a new home, plenty of options are available on the interior design and renovation market.

Parquet flooring

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A gorgeous wooden parquet floor is a choice that has kept its fans over the years thanks to its warm appearance and its reputation as a noble material.

Solid wood is the most traditional option. Its robustness and resistance to wear allow you to keep it for years.

It can be nailed or glued. If you decide to have a rough solid parquet installed, do not forget to sand it, oil it and vitrify it. It also requires special cleaning depending on whether it is oiled or vitrified. It is therefore not an ideal coating for rooms that get dirty quickly such as the kitchen or the entrance hall.

It is to be preferred for the bedrooms or the living room. It is compatible with heated floors and provides very good thermal insulation. It is entirely possible to have it renovated, in the event of excessive scratches for example, without having to replace the entire parquet.

Finally, note that in general, it is quite an expensive flooring style among the types offered. Its price may vary depending on the wood you decide to use.

If you are concerned that the hardwood floor will expand too much (the wood will move depending on the temperature and humidity of the house), you can opt for a laminated floor.

This will require less maintenance work because it is first treated in the factory, but above all will be less protected from daily attack than a parquet treated on site.

A little less durable than the massif parquet, it also costs a bit less. Its thermal insulation is optimal, you can have it placed on a heated floor but pay attention to thickness; too thin a parquet could suffer from such heat. It is often recommended for the bedroom or living room.

Finally, if you like how the wood looks, but prefer not to install solid wood, a good solution is a laminate parquet.

This faux parquet, with the shortest lifespan, will be the most sensible to wear and tear. It is also impossible to renovate a laminate parquet, it cannot be sanded. It is however very easy to maintain; a spray and it’s clean!

Avoid placing it in rooms with high traffic. It is ideal in a room where you can walk barefoot without feeling cold. It is not suitable for rooms where the humidity rate exceeds 3%. Also note that laminate flooring can be cheaper than solid or laminated parquets, so it is perfect for smaller budgets!

Tiled flooring

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Classic, easy to clean, tiling is the best friend in bathrooms and kitchens.

It comes in a multitude of colors, patterns and designs. As it is resistant, you can place it in any room and even for your terrace!  You can even purchase imitation wood or stone tiles. However, this coating can be very cold in winter. It can also be very slippery, so be careful.

Tiles sure, but for which rooms? That’s your decisions, and each room could have its own tile design.

Carpet flooring

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Even if it may retain dirt and dust faster compared to some of the flooring ideas mentioned above, carpet is not to be banished from your home.

This flooring style is a very good sound and thermal insulator. It will give a touch of sweetness in your home. Pleasant to the feet, the carpet can only seduce you.

Vinyl flooring

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Vinyl comes in many colors.

It can be placed on an old floor and will resist humidity. On the other hand, it can deform under the effect of heat; it is, therefore, better to avoid rooms where the heating goes through the floor.

Lino coating

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Often confused with low-end vinyl, lino is actually a covering made of natural materials; a mixture of linseed oil, wood flour, lime, and jute. It is therefore perfect in passive dwellings.

Easy to install, it is also very resistant. On the other hand, it does not resist humidity like its vinyl counterpart. It is therefore proscribed for the bathroom.

Epoxy Flooring

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Epoxy flooring and coatings have become more popular in recent years due to their unique look and the high level of personalization available to customers. The outstanding qualities of epoxy resin provide the safest, most economical and long-lasting work surface available.

According to, epoxy resin for floors is an original solution for obtaining impeccable, resistant and easy-to-maintain floors. It is a very aesthetic seamless coating. This floor resin, brighter than waxed or smoothed concrete, is very trendy.

An epoxy resin floor covering is obtained by mixing different products like resin and a hardener, to which a technician will add mineral fillers, which increases its resistance to wear. Additives and dyes are also added to these products.

This epoxy resin for flooring is applied with a roller or a brush for relatively thin layers and with a trowel or a notched trowel for thicker layers.

Epoxy provides excellent resistance to many chemicals, moisture and thermal shock. The surface is easy to clean and available in a variety of colors, patterns and brightness.

The contemporary colors of epoxy work surfaces and components won’t fade or discolor to continually enhance the design of bathrooms or garage floors.

Epoxy flooring contractors design and manufacture work surfaces and components to the highest standards of the industry. Extensive testing shows epoxy surfaces resist discoloration, blistering, and cracking even under the harshest conditions.