Online gambling is a relatively new industry that became viral for a short period. As you know, advanced technology became an unskippable part of our everyday routine. People use the Internet almost every day to make their free time more entertaining. However, online casinos are good proof that entertainment sometimes can bring us money.

Fortunately, you can find a wide range of casino games online. Despite that, a huge number of casinos started to operate online. It can be tough to pick the right one when you have hundreds or thousands of options.

How to Become Rich with Online Casino Games?


Answering the question like that is not easy. Many factors influence your gambling success. The first thing you should do is improving your knowledge and skills. Our recommendation is to start with upgrading your theoretical knowledge. You can do that by reading different books, blogs, and watching different videos.

One of the things you should know is which games can bring you more money. Of course, winning a reward depends a lot on your knowledge and skills. However, it seems that some games are a bit more profitable compared to others. Because of that, we would like to analyze casino games with the lowest house edge. In most cases, people don’t even try to find out information like that. Fortunately, you came to the right place to learn something new.



Blackjack has a huge number of variations. However, the main difference between those variations is the number of cards you are using. We can’t say that all types of blackjack have a low house edge. However, things become interesting when you check a single deck game. In that case, your chances of winning are raising because the house edge is usually around 1.5%.

You don’t have to be a genius to play a game like this. You only need to use some basic strategies and the chances of winning a reward will be big.



Card games are not the only option that you have. Indeed, playing craps is usually possible in the land-based casinos. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t play them in the online casinos as well. Indeed, using different strategies in the game like this isn’t possible. You can only follow the statistics and hope that luck will be on your side.

Still, the low house edge might convince you that craps are the best choice. Believe it or not, the house edge for the game is from 5% to 1.4%. Of course, our recommendation is to research and find the best possible offers. That will raise the chances of winning a reward.



Baccarat might not be interesting to every gambler. Some people like to play games that will bring action. The gambling game like this is a perfect choice for people that would like to get a little less action. When you look closer, Baccarat is a basic strategy game. The options you have for betting are limited. Gamblers can only bet on Tie, Banker, and Player.

There are two important things that we need to say about the game. First of all, we recommend you mostly place a bet on Player. Betting on the Banker will bring you some additional fees. Despite that, the house edge of the game is extremely low. In most cases, it will be around 1.5% and that is the opportunity you should use.

Three-Card Poker


Poker is one of the most popular games in the gambling world. The same counts when we talk about its different variants. Three-Card Poker is a relatively new game. However, for a short period, it became popular and many people gladly play it. Each player (including the house) gets three cards. Your reward depends on the dealer’s cards.

Our recommendation is to test your luck with Queen high. The move like that might bring you the biggest chances of making money. Despite that, the good thing is that the house edge usually starts at 1.5%.



Slots surely are one of the favorite games of online and traditional gamblers. However, there is a good reason why we named them “pokies”. Slot machines are extremely popular in New Zealand and all generations gladly play them.

There are two good reasons why you should decide on playing pokies in New Zealand. First of all, the house edge is low. In most cases, it is around 2%. Of course, we don’t want to say that the percentages in some casinos aren’t higher. In some cases, the house edge can even be 10%. Because of that, you should look for those casinos that will offer you the best possible gambling experience. If you want to find those that come with the lowest house edge and offer free spins and bonuses, we recommend you learn more here.

Pai Gow Poker


We need to highlight one more poker variation that can bring you big chances of winning. Pai Gow poker is a combination of poker and Chinese domino game.

There are many reasons why this gambling game became so popular. First of all, it is entertaining and you will surely enjoy it while playing it. Despite that, it allows you double chances of winning. Every player has the opportunity to form two winning hands. You can do that out of the seven cards that you get.

In the end, we need to highlight that the house edge of the game starts from 2.5%. Once again, you need to find the best casino that will offer you the opportunity like that.



Our list ends with a game that is not so popular in all parts of the world. Believe it or not, it is one of the oldest gambling games in the world. You start with two pieces called “point1”. Each gambler has the option to gamble in three different ways. You can bet on Doubles, Out, and Jump. When the players make the bets, the so-called shooter throws the dice.

In short, terms, when the shooter is successful, everyone who placed the Jump gets the reward. After that, the shooter needs to roll the dices again. The players who placed “Out” will win a reward in case that both pieces can be moved off the board.

The house edge of the game varies. In the best possible case, it is going to be around 4.8%.