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When looking for work, it’s important to understand all of your options on the job market. Staffing agencies are an untapped resource for many applicants and soon-to-be-employees. Without adequate research, not fully understanding the benefits of a good or service can generate irrational fears and anxieties.

Interested in the services of a staffing agency, but you’re worried you won’t be able to afford this luxury? Here’s an overview of the factors that determine the cost for both the beneficiary and the hiring company.

How does it work

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Unbeknownst to most, staffing agencies don’t charge potential applicants once they’ve located opportunities in their area. The way these recruiting agencies operate is by charging the company that’s hoping to fill positions with a set percentage of the employee’s income. This set percentage will be provided by the company itself, not the employee. An applicant benefitting from the services of a recruiter shouldn’t worry about a percentage of their earnings being deducted from their final paycheck.

For example, if a staffing agency with a 50% rate recruits an employee for a company, and the employee is making $10 an hour in the current position, the company will need to pay the recruiter $5 per hour of labor. If you’re a potential applicant seeking employment, utilizing a staffing agency and their resources will, at worst, not affect you at all.

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Sites like this one provide prospective employees with the additional opportunity of traveling while working, which is an exciting concept for an avid traveler. This site specializes in travel within the United States, but other staffing agencies send workers even abroad. Work opportunities with international travel benefits are rare. Although, when these opportunities present themselves, adventures of a lifetime or your new permanent residence may await you.

Additionally, healthcare workers looking to join a staffing agency will reap a bounty of benefits, especially when compared to employees in other industries and fields. Working with a recruiter as a healthcare worker can help you gain new skills and can even assist you in shifting your specialization at no cost. Having diverse healthcare experience will also make you a better candidate for jobs, especially when your resume is glowing with qualifications that set you apart from your competition.

Benefits of a staffing agency for the potential employee

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Working for a staffing agency is an opportunity to take a more hands-on approach to your job search. It provides a potential applicant the opportunity to insert oneself into a workplace and make yourself indispensable to your employer.

A recruiter can direct a potential employee to permanent positions, reliable new connections, and diverse work experience—which are just the bonuses of relying on a staffing agency. The main benefit of partnering with a recruiter is its ability to streamline the job hunting process, so you can increase your application rate per week and garner connections that will promote your career success.

There are many reasons you should consider partnering with a staffing agency and a multitude of benefits to take advantage of. Shaving time off the number of hours you spend applying for jobs is a major perk of consulting a recruiter.

Rather than spending time researching whether a job is actually right for you, a team of experts will complete the heavy-lifting and do the research for you. This option is significantly more efficient than the standard interview process, assuming that the staffing agency places you quickly—which they often do.

Overall, the positive aspects of partnering with a recruiter far outweigh any negatives. Some would argue that these negatives are virtually nonexistent.

Benefits of a staffing agency for the employer

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Using staffing agencies even benefits the companies using them. Typically, the costs of using a recruiter are relatively low because the company doesn’t have to give the employee in question full-time benefits. With this in mind, hiring employees who’ve partnered with a staffing agency is actually cheaper, overall, when compared to the hiring costs associated with a full-time employee who has access to a complete benefits package.

A company can also consult a staffing agency when a need for temporary employees arises. These temporary employees can cover any extended vacations or maternity leave of full-time employees, giving the business greater flexibility.

Temporary employees are also excellent for taking over filler work and reducing the stress placed on full-time employees, stress that can lead to recurring absences, and lacking motivation/productivity. Outsourcing daily responsibilities, which lessens the burden on full-time staff, can improve overall company productivity and can keep the business on an upward trajectory.

If a company chooses to fill a position through a staffing agency, higher-ups will be able to benefit from the opportunity to “try-out” employees without the commitment. Though an employee subject to the trial phase may be susceptible to termination, an employee in said trial phase has the opportunity to show off his or her talents, gain experience, and possibly land a full-time gig.

Final thoughts

Staffing agencies provide an efficient and inexpensive option for employment to all involved. For the employee, it costs nothing to partner with a recruiter. For the employer, it costs significantly less than hiring a full-time employee with paid sick leave, vacation time, and other benefits.

Partnering with a recruiter provides diversifying experience to the employees looking to build their resumes. Not to mention, these trained experts employed at your staffing agency of choice can reveal opportunities previously obstructed from view and swing open a number of doors for potential candidates.

The option to travel for positions located abroad is an especially enticing benefit of consulting a recruiter. For those potential employees hoping to maintain their nomadic styles, the likelihood of securing a position abroad will be accessed via a staffing agency. For those seeking temporary employment, a recruiter is a goldmine for these job inquirers.