Food is a big part of holidays and celebrations around the world. Hiring a caterer for a big party such as a wedding or special occasion is a good option for serving a lot of guests in a timely manner and keeping the flow of the party going. Caterers can take care of the food, the table service, flowers, and all of the kitchen equipment needed to make the event run smoothly.

The weather sometimes doesn’t cooperate, or there are supply shortages. Sometimes there are miscommunications that can lead to disaster. How do you protect yourself and your business when accidents or miscommunications happen?

Having catering insurance can provide you with added protection if disasters happen.

General Liability Insurance

The minimum insurance that you should have is general liability insurance. Everything from fires in the kitchen to a chair collapsing on a guest could happen, and with physical damage or injuries, you could end up owing a significant dollar amount in medical bills or damages awarded in a lawsuit. Having general liability insurance covers a multitude of scenarios that could cost you big in the long run if you were uninsured.

Liquor Liability Insurance


If you are serving liquor, be aware that there are liabilities in the form of overserving or unknowingly serving minors. If someone is injured due to consuming alcohol and claims that you were negligent or got killed in an accident, having liquor liability insurance would cover the costs associated with defending your position.

Workers Compensation

Employing others makes you responsible for their safety and covering the bills if something unexpected happens. Working in areas that are unfamiliar or outside on uneven surfaces are common reasons that workers are injured on the job for catering events. Workers’ compensation will cover medical expenses and compensate the worker for lost wages, or in the event of death, funeral expenses.

Catering Liability Insurance

The most popular form of insurance for caterers is catering liability insurance. This type of insurance covers all of the possible things that could go wrong in one simple policy. It is bundled together to not only provide general liability but also liquor liability, product liability, and in some cases even professional liability.

Vehicle Insurance


If you are transporting equipment to the site be sure to inquire about insurance for your truck or van in case of accidents or damage to equipment in travel. Be aware that your usual automobile will generally not cover accidents that are related to business travel and equipment and you will need to have separate insurance.

The Right Catering Insurance

When looking for catering insurance for your business, consider looking online for “catering insurance near me”. Be sure to get several quotes from different insurance companies as rates can vary dramatically. Also obtaining enough insurance to cover any emergencies or accidents will prepare you for the unexpected in case something serious does happen. Having the proper insurance will allow you to focus on the business at hand and the event goes smoothly without worrying about the “what ifs” in life.