It’s 2024, and pretty much every online casino enthusiast and international player knows about OASIS – the German player ban system that works nationwide in Germany. German punters who register for the OASIS player ban services are thus excluded from every gambling establishment and online casino that abide by the local gambling regulator’s rules.

The primary purpose of the OASIS player ban is to guide players against gambling addiction. The Interstate Treaty on Gambling 2021 (otherwise known as the GlüStV 2021) regulates the OASIS and requires mandatory participation in the player-blocking system from locally regulated online gambling establishments.

Even though this player-blocking system initially intends to help with gambling addiction, it comes with many restrictions and uncomfortable procedures for German players. Let’s see what exactly it does and what information is there to know about this self-exclusion system.

What exactly is the OASIS player blocking system?

The OASIS player blocking system is a German player blocking system that prevents players from accessing gambling establishments and online casinos when registering for the OASIS services. The OASIS player ban is a major part of Germany’s Interstate Treaty on Gambling. The Treaty officially requires all locally licensed and regulated online gambling establishments to integrate the OASIS player ban onto their platforms and provide necessary information regarding player-blocking services to their customers.

The regional council of Darmstadt in the federal state of Hesse is permanently commissioned to oversee and regulate the operation of the OASIS player ban and is responsible for its proper implementation onto locally licensed online gambling establishments.

In order to access an online gambling facility in Germany or be able to play games in those establishments, German players are required to undergo complicated KYC procedures and identify themselves. The online gambling operator is then obliged to compare that player’s data with the OASIS player ban database and make sure that the player isn’t blocked by the OASIS. Banned players with active self-exclusion or third-party exclusion cannot gain access to online gambling in GGL-licensed online gaming facilities.

Are there online casinos without OASIS and how choose the best casinos without OASIS ban?


If you frequent offshore casinos, you already know that reliable, trustworthy casinos are hard to come by. Especially online casinos without the OASIS player ban, because every brand-new online casino needs time to establish itself and prove its worth to its customers.

Furthermore, it is vitally important to evaluate, test, and rate online casino test without an OASIS player ban for their trustworthiness, reliability, fairness, and relevancy. Here are the most important criteria to pay attention to while searching for the best offshore casinos without OASIS player blocking system:

Gambling License and Safety Features

Before deciding to commit to a certain online casino without an OASIS player ban, it is essential to ensure that they are entirely safe and secure. First, you need to ask for proof of a legitimate gambling license that guarantees its authenticity and authority. After receiving sufficient information, you must ensure that these online casinos have all safety and security measures in place to guarantee your safe-keeping at all times.

Diversity of Games

The second most crucial factor about offshore casinos without the OASIS player ban is the diversity of their offered products and features. After all, what good is an online casino if it cannot satisfy all players’ gaming needs and preferences? Thus, you need to carefully check your chosen online casino’s gaming libraries, review its gaming software providers and ensure it offers more than a couple of gaming features to entertain your gaming requirements in a long-run.

Website Design and Working Interface

Since technological progress is practically unstoppable at this point, we expect better and better online products every time something new is developed. This applies to online casinos in particular. No punter wants to play ancient-looking online games anymore, and the competition among online operators is getting increasingly tense. Gladly, online casinos without OASIS player ban take immense pride in their innovative visuals, intelligent designs, clever website themes, and ideally working interfaces, and we respect that.

What data does the OASIS player blocking system store?


The Interstate Treaty on Gambling 2021 states that the following data could be recorded and then stored in the OASIS player blocking file:

  • Names – surnames, first names, and birth names
  • Pseudonyms and other possibly used names
  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth
  • Official Address
  • The reason for suspension and the duration of suspension
  • Picture
  • Any other document relevant to the player blocking

Gambling establishments can only see the status of a player (whether they are self-excluded, third-party excluded, or not excluded) but not other data regarding the player’s personal information. The contents of the block file are also unavailable to any third parties or other information systems such as SCHUFA, banks, or credit facilities.

Is there a way to remove OASIS?


The first thing every player should know about removing the OASIS player ban is that only the Darmstadt Regional Council can lift player bans. The application for removing the OASIS player ban can be filled out using the official form found on the DRC’s website. In case a player submits their OASIS removal application to a specific gaming operator, the latter will then forward that application to the DRC. As for the temporary player block (a 24-hour panic button), it doesn’t require submitting additional applications – this player ban will end automatically.

A player can apply for lifting their OASIS ban after the minimum self-exclusion period has ended, i.e., after three months at the earliest for a temporary ban and after one year at the earliest for an indefinite ban. Applications submitted too early will not be processed and must be submitted again.

If the DRC decides to lift a player’s OASIS ban, the player will be informed accordingly. In case of a third-party player ban, the applicants shall also receive a notification, both about the application for removing the OASIS and about unblocking their requested player.

Removing the OASIS player ban is not effective immediately but only after the initial period of exclusion has lapsed. The length of this procedure is one week in case of self-exclusion and one month for third-party exclusions.