Over the years, Cheech Marin has been involved with acting, comedy and also as a writer and this has led to his estimated net worth to be $12 million. He was given birth to in the year 1946 in the city of California (precisely Los Angeles was his birth place). Cheech Marin is become very popular due to his comedy works with Tommy Chong. He undergo his college education in San Fernando at the Valley State College and later relocated to Canada so as to not been involved in the Vietnam War.

It was during his stay in Canada that Cheech Marin met with Tommy Chong. Many have wondered where the name “Cheech” came from but little was it discovered that Cheech was only a nickname gotten from “Chicharron” that means fried pork sauce in the culture of Mexico. Between the 70’s and 80’s, he featured in different movies playing comedy roles. It was until the year 1971 that Cheech and Chong released their first ever official self-titled album and ever since then, they have gone on to release about twelve albums to their credit.

Some of their albums which include the “Big Bambu, Los Cochinos & Cheech-Chong wedding album were all included in the top five chart. In the mid-1985, the duo split up and that didn’t stop Marin from furthering his career, he went ahead and starred in several movies and was later involved in TV shows. His voice have also been used for movies and he has also worked in children’s department in music, which he released two albums in the process.

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The star marital life has not been as successful as his career, however in the year 2009 he married Natasha Rubin who is said to be another wife just after many others. Marin is the winner of the 2010 Celebrity Jeopardy’s Million Dollar Celebrity Invitational besting Aisha Tyler & Anderson Cooper in the process.


cheech marin net worth


  • America

Date of Birth

  • 13th July 1946

Place Of Birth

  • Los Angeles, CA


  • 74


  • Comedy


  • 70Kg


  • 167 cm


  • Natasha Rubin (2009)
  • Patti Heid (1986-2009)
  • Rikki Marin (1975-1984)

Net Worth

  • $12 million

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