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Alexa Ray Joel continues to astonish media and fans with her music and off course beautiful face and body. She is a singer living her twenties and already there are plastic surgery speculations coming on her. This is cruel but completely understandable. When people become fans of a person who has talent and then when they see the same celebrity showing false intensity, fans become anxious and start saying things on the internet.

But this work on the body of Alexa Ray have given her the hype required to stay attractive in the celebrity world. She in her interview with spokesperson said that she decided to have nose job so as to hit high notes while singing. A similar statement was given by Michael Jackson and we don’t know how true is this fact. The brand new nose of Alexa Ray is stylish and slender. It is sculpted to be mildly round at the tip and its bridge is made wider.

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alexa ray joel plastic surgery

The nose obviously suites her petite body and gives her youthful look. Other than the nose, work there isn’t much plastic surgery changes on the face of Alexa Ray. She has retained the originality on her face and doesn’t want to get into an early disaster. For her flourishing career, subtle change of her bloated nose is necessary to make her fit for pursuing more time in the celebrity world.

We are sure that more record companies will knock at her door and sign up for new albums. Very few celebrities at their boom of the career say truth about the plastic surgery. But has Alexa Ray openly revealed details about the cosmetic changes on her face? These changes are not so loud or big compared to many or other surgical procedures that we have seen other celebrities do.

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alexa ray joel boob job

A photo of the singer suddenly hit the internet and it got fans talking again that she didn’t just work on her face but it was also obvious that the singer has also gotten a boob job done on her body. The singer was pictured alongside her mother and the changes that fans noticed immediately sparked up new rumors suggesting that she has had boob job done on her body as her boos weren’t looking that full in the past.

However, Alexa Ray Joel is still insisting that the only plastic surgery she has ever had on her body was a nose job which she did back in 2010 therefore denying working on her face or her boobs or on any other part of her body. She maintained that the main reason for her new looks is because she is more self confident and also good makeup. She also said that the old pic of her that was posted was when she was thirteen years old.

What she was trying to say was comparing her now to when she was thirteen years was totally baseless because definitely some changes must have occurred while she was growing and getting more matured. She told the fans spreading the rumors to take a look at their mirrors and worry more about themselves.