Anyone looking at the face of Marlo Thomas would say that plastic surgery on her face is overdone. She looks odd to a point where someone could get little weird senses in their body. Some of Marlo Thomas plastic surgery treatments which fans talked about were rhinoplasty, brow lift, and facelift. Marlo Thomas was born in Beverly Hills in 1937 that makes her 78 years old.

Today she is looking as if she is 50 to 60 years old. Being the daughter of a famous comedian, she got early attention from the public. Marlo Thomas is famous for her role in the sitcom “ That Girl”. For this she earned 4 Emmy awards and few nominations at the Golden Globe awards. But the generation of today recognizes Marlo Thomas as a spokeswoman at St. Jude’s hospital. She puts most of her money and time into the welfare of this hospital.

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Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery

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Marlo Thomas is actively involved as a social activist, producer and lately she has been speaking for the Broadway production. Like many other Hollywood stars, Marlo Thomas has tried to maintain her personality and used it as a powerful tool to get immense popularity. The need for surgery came after Marlo’s appearance in “That Girl”. Till then she was not that interested in getting any type of surgery done on the body.

The first change came on the nose like many actresses would go for. Now plastic surgery experts believe that she has tried most of the treatments such as botox injections, eyebrow lift, facial fillers and neck fillers. We can not agree that Marlo Thomas plastic surgery is natural-looking. She appears like a victim of bad surgery procedures. The before and after photos of Marlo Thomas gives us a hint of this fact.

The pinched nose and plastic-like face is a clear indication that Marlo Thomas gave her face under a knife many times.


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Just like all other stars of Hollywood, Marlo Thomas is also driven with the illusion of trying to maintain her youthful beauty through the means of a very powerful tool known as plastic surgery. Before her role in “That Girl”, Marlo Thomas had already had some plastic surgery procedures on her face and guess what her first choice of plastic surgery was, getting a nose job that is very popular in the industry today. You can find more details on

Sometimes, these plastic surgery procedures might start getting considered to be bad plastic surgery jobs and this is when it is being carried out too many times on a particular region of the body and in Marlo Thomas case, fans think her nose was overdone as it began having this unnatural look which indicated she must have gone for more than one nose job surgery in her entire career.

Even though Marlo Thomas plastic surgery move wasn’t as perfect as she would have wanted, it is still not as disastrous as some celebrity plastic surgery results that we know of and her face is not far from the naturally beautiful face that she once had.