American Home Warranty covers the repairs and replacement of your home appliances and systems due to tear and wear. Most home warranty companies offer one-year coverage. It is challenging to choose the right home warranty company to cover your appliances as there are so many companies in the market, and you might not know which company is right for you.

Here are tips to help you choose the right home warranty company.

1. Determine if you need the home warranty


Before you start looking for home warranty company services, it is good to weigh out the cost of paying for your home appliances repairs and replacements and the cost of paying for the home warranty policy. If you find paying for the maintenance of your appliance and systems on your own is cheaper, you do not need the home warranty policy. You can use a home maintenance calculator to calculate the cost estimate of maintaining your home appliances.

2. Look for recommendations

When looking for a home warranty company to cover your appliances, you can consider seeking recommendations from your friends and family who have bought home warranty policies to protect their home appliances and systems. Inquire from them which home warranty companies they have used and how their services were. Your close friends and family members cannot mislead as they fear sabotaging your relationship, so mostly they will tell you which company to go for and which to avoid.

3. Read the companies’ reviews


It would be best to consider a company’s reputation before deciding to buy their home warranty policy. Ensure you make a list of home warranty companies you are targeting and research them. Through their websites, you can know a lot about your target company. Read customers’ reviews to see the type of service the company offers. If they have a lot of positive reviews, you can be sure the company provides excellent services. If there are negative reviews, you should consider looking for another company.

It would be good if you look at how the company responds to negative reviews. If they ignore and do not reply, you should not purchase their home warranty policies. A good company should try to resolve the customers’ complaints and not ignore them.

4. Compare quotes

After you have found the companies you are interested in buying their home warranty policies, you need to find out how much their premiums cost. You should inquire about getting their quotations. You can send them an email or call them to get the quotes. Ask for quotes from several companies and compare their prices to determine the best company with fair prices.

5. Consider Items covered


Each home warranty company offers a different coverage plan from another company. You should consider if you want to cover only your home appliances or only systems or both. Other home warranty companies protect specific home appliances and systems. Before choosing a company to cover your appliances and systems, you should find out what they cover and what they do not to help you make an appropriate decision.

Some companies cover only systems and appliances that are in good condition. And they do not cover for poorly maintained items. Some companies might also refuse to cover appliances with preexisting conditions. Choose a company that covers preexisting conditions as you cannot identify them quickly.

6. Consider deductible

The service call depends on the cost of the home warranty policy. If you pay high annual premiums, your service call costs will be lower. If you have lived in your house for more than a year, you can estimate the cost of your appliance repairs in a year. If you expect low service calls, you can choose a high deductible. Always keep your budget in mind when selecting a policy plan.

7. Emergencies and turnaround time


Before choosing a home warranty company, inquire what they consider an emergency how long they take to respond to an emergency. Ask the company what you will do if your appliance or system might breakdown in the middle of the night. Check whether they can refund you when you look for your local contractor for emergency repairs when you cannot reach them during the emergency.

You should also inquire how long you need to wait for the company to send a contractor to your home if you need repairs for your appliances and systems and the repairs’ duration. You should ask for clarification if you need to pay for the service call if the device or system breaks again shortly after repair.

8. Read the contract entirely and carefully

When looking for a home warranty company to cover your home appliances and systems’ repairs and replacements, read the contract carefully and understand it before committing yourself to the company. Find out from the contract if the items you need to cover are in it. There might be a probability that the company’s customer service representative has forgotten to add some things in the contract due to workload. You should analyze the contract to avoid disappointment later when you file a claim. The company denies it, the reason being the appliance or system not covered in your policy. You should be aware of what items the company covers in the contract to get the most out of it.

9. Consider terms with the contractors


Look for a home warranty company that uses qualified contractors to repair the broken appliances and systems. Inquire if your target home warranty company can allow you to look for your contractor if they cannot find a contractor in your location or the one they have is not competent to repair your home appliances.

Bottom line

When looking for a home warranty company, you should be careful to ensure you get the right company. offers the most comprehensive home plans to secure your home appliances and systems. Do not ignore customers’ reviews when looking for a home warranty company. Your estate’s security should be backed up by a reputable company with the best trackable record possible.