Did you decide that is time to purchase your first vape kit? You probably saw the growing popularity of this product. Many people are considering buying the vape kit whether they are in the process of quitting smoking or they just quit with it recently. Most likely, they are looking for a healthier alternative and a vape kit is exactly what they need at that point. However, there are many pieces of advice that the individual who is starting with the purchasing process needs to keep in mind. The first thing is that you should not rush with the decision and select the first one you see in the store. There are so many different models of vape kits and everyone comes with different features. That is why you should buy clever and avoid ending up with a kit that is not right for you.

Because of that, you will not have the right experience with the vape kit.

Before your make the purchase, it is worth gathering all the necessary information about this product. It would affect your lifestyle a lot since you will be using it on daily basis. We prepared this article in order to help you with your decision. Since we understand that the individual can become overwhelmed by the big selection of this product, we prepared the differences between the pod kits, pen-style kits, and disposable ones.

What is a vape kit?


Before we start with the explanation of different vape kits, let’s see what exactly vape kit refers to. This is a device that you can use to vaporize e-liquid to inhale the vapor, shortly saying – to vape. For the first experience with vape kits, it would be best to decide on starter kits. They are providing everything that one beginner needs for starting vaping. Starter kits come with all necessary pieces in one product, including a tank, a coil, a battery, and a mouthpiece. Logically, from time to time, you will need to purchase batteries separately. These are essential elements of one vape device. However, you should not worry about the rest of them, because your vape kit will even come with other things such as user guides. In that way, you can easily learn how to use the device and charge the cables to power the battery in the device.

Let’s see 3 different types of vape kits

The industry of vape kits has come a long way over the past period, and through all that period they are working on creating the best devices that would satisfy their clients’ needs. The result of those modern innovations is a wide range of different vape kits types that are now available on the market. Moreover, there are so many different credible online platforms such as Cloudstix that are selling these devices, so there is no chance that you will not find something for your taste and needs as well. The word kit refers that everything you need from this device will come in one package. Below, you will find different types of starter vape kits and see which one will suit you.

1. Pen Kits


The first option that you can choose is pen kits. They are commonly called vape pens. Their structure makes them very convenient for vaping. The reason why this device type is so popular is definitely because of the fact that they are a more transportable available type. Also, they come with the feature of more lasting batteries than any other vape kit device. The thing that they are so portable does not reduce their power, since they are completely capable of producing excellent flavor. Additionally, they are even producing a larger vapor amount on the exhale. One more feature of pen kits worth mentioning is the removable one. You can remove and refill tanks with e-liquid. Vape pens are usually recommendable for beginners since they are very easy to use. Luckily, even though they are not complex for use, they have the same power to offer as other devices. Also, they provide a wide range of innovative features that some other advanced vape kits do not provide.

2. Pod Kits


Pod kits are devices also called pod mods, pod systems, pod vapes. As with all other vape kits devices, they come with a portable package, however, this feature does not compromise their performance or functionality. They are slimmer and smaller than other devices. Pod kits do not include tanks, like the previously mentioned vape kit device. Instead of tanks, they have the feature of holding their e-liquid with detachable pods which the individual can affix to the end of the pod kit. On the market, buyers can find both replaceable and refillable options for this device. A person can replace the pod since it is replaceable with another one when they are run out of e-liquid. In general, refillable pods are not as easy to use as replaceable pods. However, the advantage is that you can fill them with any e-liquid you want. In general, pod mods are primarily focused on ergonomic comfort and easy usage, therefore they are also a great option for beginners.

3. Disposable Kits


Finally, we came to the last type of vape kit and which is a disposable kit. This type contains all of the necessary elements that a person will need to get vaping right away. However, the crucial difference from the previously mentioned ones, these devices are disposable. This means that they are allowing limited usage since they can also contain a certain amount of puffs. However, they come with a convenient factor that some users appreciate. More precisely, when they are done with it, they can simply throw them away. It is worth mentioning that they are producing powerful flavors for enjoying. These devices come in pocket size and they are very discreet. If you decide on a disposable vape, you will not have to worry about changing the e-liquid because they come pre-filled. Therefore, this is also a good option for beginners.