When you think about jobs in the field of accounting, you might understandably picture a certified public accountant or the professional you hire each year to work on your taxes.

While these two professions are in the accounting realm, there are actually a variety of other jobs in this vibrant industry. To learn more about these careers, as well as how to go about breaking into the field of accounting, consider the following:

Types of Accounting Jobs

These days, some of the top accounting job titles include chief financial officer, controller, and finance manager. A chief financial officer (CFO) is in charge of overseeing and managing the financial risks of a business, along with financial planning and record-keeping. Similarly, a controller is also a high-level officer at a company who manages the accounting department and oversees the financial activities of the firm.


Meantime, a finance manager can typically find work in a number of industries, and their jobs focus on research, reporting, and analytics, as well as developing strategies that will help the company to be successful in the long term. Other jobs in accounting include staff accountant, accounts payable specialist, certified public accountant, and bookkeeper. Accountants can also work for different types of businesses, including public firms, private organizations, financial companies like banks, non-profit organizations, and within the government.

Educational Requirements to Become an Accountant

So, how does one become an accountant? The first step toward getting a job in the field of accounting is to enroll in an institution of higher learning and earn a degree. If you want to pursue this route but are concerned about fitting your studies into your already-busy schedule, pursuing an online accounting degree is a great option. Click here for more details.

In particular, online degree programs are flexible and can be completed around your existing commitments from anywhere with an internet connection. Typically, a bachelor’s degree in accounting covers several topics, including assets, liabilities, profits and losses, and cash flow management. This degree program will not only provide you with a solid knowledge base in accounting but also help you prepare to land a job in your desired field. If you need more indepth knowledge about a ACH in banking, then consider entering an AAP preparatory training program.

Other Skills Needed for Accounting


In addition to obtaining a degree in accounting, there are a number of other skills that will be extremely useful when breaking into this field of work. Modern-day accountants must be able to balance the hard skills of number crunching and ledger balancing with soft skills like being well-organized, effective at problem-solving, and a solid communicator.

As for the latter, accounting goes well beyond merely money and figures; you also need to be ready, willing, and able to explain what these figures mean in a compelling and interesting way that’s easy for everyone, especially those with no accounting knowledge, to understand.

Anyone working in accounting must also have a strong moral fiber; after all, you’ll be handling sensitive and personal financial data. Time management is also a crucial skill to possess, especially when working in time-sensitive fields like tax accounting.

Accounting is a Versatile and Rewarding Career

As you can see, an accounting degree can set you up for a number of career paths in this interesting field. Start by earning an online degree, work on honing your hard and soft skills, and then you’ll be able to choose which specific type of accounting career you want to pursue.

Top Reasons to Choose a Career in Accounting


There’s a delusion that an accounting job is boring. However, in reality, the field offers a range of interesting career choices. Since people are starting to get interested in this field and the popularity of accounting careers is growing by each day, it is worth mentioning some crucial reasons why you should choose this career as well.

Many Job Opportunities

One of the biggest advantages of accounting is numerous job offers. People are worrying that accounting is outdated since there are so many innovative technological advancements that are improving people’s lives in every aspect. However, that is not true. Technology is actually creating a wide selection of interesting and innovative jobs in the accounting industry. Therefore, even there is artificial intelligence, accounting jobs are not going outdated. All companies are still looking for accountants that will interpret complex tax laws and regulations that are constantly changing. Additionally, accountants are managing the financials of organizations and companies and help them make better business strategies and budget decisions.

You Have Opportunities to Work in Any Industry You Choose


Even though many accountants are starting their careers in the public sector and remain there, that does not mean that your job needs to be the same as well. There are so many different paths and options you can decide on. You can specialize in some fields, such as being CFO, working as an auditor, or for the government. The skills you develop are crucial for your path. You can choose to work for the nonprofit sector and get a job in some global health or human rights organization.

Great Salary for Accountants

The salary of an accountant is very good, so you will not have to worry about your future if you decide on this field. The average annual salary. In fact, accounting jobs have always been synonymous with great pay. Wherever you are going to work, your role will require an advanced degree and certification. If you have a bigger qualification, the company will give you a higher salary. Therefore, in case you already working in this field and you want to increase your salary, you can consider getting additional training and certification. At the same time, you will improve or develop new skills and become even better at the job you are doing. This will also help you stand out from the competition and other candidates.

You Are Going To Be In a Profession That Is Respected and Known for Integrity and Ethics


People who work as accountants are very respected and considered professionals in the business world. Also, this profession is known as one of the most reliable and reputable. People are going to trust your advice and your opinion will be crucial when your company or organization is making any business decision.

Your Roles Will Be Challenging

As we said this career is not boring, even though many think so. In fact, if you decide on this path, you should know that your roles will be very challenging and you are not going to have an everyday routine at your job. You will often work with other teams that do not have knowledge in your field, so you will need to inform and guide others at your job. You can get many new questions and obstacles that you need to know how to answer. Also, you will need to develop yourself constantly. There would be so many new interesting opportunities for you on the job. Therefore, if you like facing challenges and solving new problems constantly, this could be the ideal career for you!