The Oxford is the most popular style of dress shoe for men. For ages, the exquisite footwear style has added a stylish touch to clothing, and it continues to do so now. Oxfords are as classic as they are adaptable, with designs ranging from formal to smart casual. As a result, they are a must-have for all gentlemen, regardless of style. We go deeper into this classic shoe, its various varieties, and how you can style it in this article.

What is an Oxford Shoe?


In the 17th century, men’s footwear was dominated by boots. High heels, side buttons, and a snug fit characterized these boots. The length of these shoes was also lowered, and side slits were added, giving rise to the term “Oxonian shoes.” Around 1825, these shoes became quite fashionable at Oxford University. These shoes were subsequently refined and eventually became known as “Oxford Shoes.” However, historians have claimed that Oxfords originated in Scotland and Ireland, where they were known as “Balmorals.”

Because most of us consider a shoe to be a shoe, this is a problem that can be especially tough for males. There are dress shoes and sneakers, but we rarely consider if we’re wearing a derby, a monk strap, a cap toe, a wingtip, or a pump outside of those categories. Simply being able to recognize an Oxford is a significant step in properly wearing them.

A pair of exquisite Oxford Shoes is defined by three major elements. They have a low heel, sit below the ankle, and have a closed lacing mechanism near the toe. Oxfords have a streamlined structure thanks to the closed lacing mechanism, giving them a more formal appearance. Furthermore, the one-side closed lacing mechanism distinguishes Oxford Shoes from Derby Shoes. The lacing method on the derby shoes is open at both the top and bottom.

Any dress shoe with this closed lacing arrangement can be called an Oxford, whether it has a cap toe, a brogue, a full cut, or whatever.

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How to Style Oxford Shoes?

1. Formal Fits


Oxford shoes are ideal for formal occasions and functions due to their polished appearance. They look well with suits and add a smart touch to any ensemble. Choose a pair of black patent leather Oxfords to attain an exquisite look. Keep the breadth of the shoe in mind as well. Slimmer Oxfords, on the whole, appear dressier than wider Oxfords.

2. Casual But Smart


Oxfords are also appropriate for a wide range of fine casual occasions, including lunches, parties, and more. To get this style with Oxfords, begin by locating the ideal pair of pants. Because Oxfords are so formal, they need a pair of more casual pants to balance them out. Chinos or stylish jeans, in particular, will help you attain the desired look. Then, on top, wear something that is both comfy and stylish.

3. With Pants


Oxfords are a great choice if you’re wearing suit pants or trousers. These shoes look great with formal attire because of their sleek and classy design. So, whether you’re going to a wedding, a cocktail party, a dinner, or even work, this shoe design is great. To complete the outfit, choose Oxfords that are the proper design and color for the pants you’re wearing.

4. With Jeans


Despite the fact that Oxfords are dress shoes, they can be worn with jeans. In reality, if you use Oxford shoes correctly, they may look very fashionable with a pair of jeans. Pay attention to the color of your shoes and pants to achieve the desired look. While tan Oxfords look great with blue jeans, darker denim, like indigo or black, looks better with brown or black Oxfords. Additionally, balance your shoes with a button-up shirt or blazer on top to ensure your overall outfit is proper.

5. Spring Outfit


Jumpers or long sleeve shirts are worn with straight trousers, and a sleeveless sweater is a fantastic spring outfit that looks great with blue, black, or brown leather or suede oxfords. While the weather is improving, invest in some fabric and leather oxfords. Invest in a matching wristwatch to complete your spring-style ensemble. Watches are an excellent year-round accessory that, when paired with oxford shoes, creates a sophisticated look.

6. Summer Fit


Shorts and t-shirts are more prevalent in the summer. Shorts in cream, brown, and blue are all the rage this season, and they’ll look great with a simple or patterned button-up shirt or t-shirt, as well as color-coordinated fabric oxfords. In the summer, fabric oxfords will keep your feet cooler; however, leather oxfords will be excellent for the suited and booted businessman this season, so make sure your selected design has appropriate oxford shoes to match.

7. Street Winter Outfit


This clothing design is ideal for those who enjoy the colors black and gray and prefer to wear them all the time. Wearing anything in black or gray to compliment the outfit’s motif is the key to this style. Wearing skinny black jeans, a gray top, and a black leather jacket, for example, is a good option. Wear a long gray scarf around your neck and black oxford shoes with it for a little extra spice.

8. With Chinos


Oxford shoes with chinos are a great combination for a casual yet stylish look. To keep your chinos and Oxfords in sync, stick to basic hues in your wardrobe. Brown, black, navy blue, and sand-colored chinos go well with a variety of Oxford designs. Choose a button-down shirt to go with your Oxfords and chinos for a dressier look. A solid polo or round-neck t-shirt, on the other hand, can be worn for a more relaxed and informal look.


All of the above knowledge should make you an expert on Oxford shoes. Check out the many styles of socks to wear with your shoes. Whether you are a formal dresser or a casual dresser, having a suitable pair of Oxfords is a requirement for you, based on the information mentioned earlier.