SEO has become an essential tool for businesses that are venturing online! Being the only tool to boost sales and engage with customers, it is one of the primary means to initiate sales worldwide.

However, the SEO sector is largely unpredictable, much like Google’s algorithm adjustments. Because the profession is so dynamic, all the professionals involved like need to be precisely focused on the latest advancements in the field. Therefore, for all you professionals out there, here are the latest expected trends for SEO in 2024.

1. Welcome to video SEO!


If you’re interested in video SEO, the 2024 Google I/O conference potentially has a lot to offer. The search engine platform announced the debut of two new structured data formats – Seek Markup and Clip Markup, aiding the display of video material in search results with important moments.

Currently, the Key Moments feature is only accessible for YouTube videos. In the future, any platform that hosts video will benefit from employing one of the two new structured data markups.

While the Clip Markup manually informs Google about the timestamps in your movies, the Seek markup automatically informs Google Search.

2. Advanced Optimization Using MUM


Google has made significant attempts to improve the quality of search results via the introduction of its new and powerful Artificial Intelligence.

Previously, the most significant advancement in this area marked the debut of RankBrain in 2015, followed by BERT in 2019, and now the search engine platform has introduced yet another innovation with Multitask United Model or MUM.

According to Prabhakar Raghavan’s announcement at Google I/O 2024, the company’s new Natural Language Processing Model MUM is 1000 times more powerful than BERT and capable of multitasking, allowing it to analyze video, images, and text in 75 languages to provide users with answers to complex search queries.

3. Better Understanding Of Search Intent


Understanding the search intent of a customer has been one of the biggest challenges faced by marketers in this digital era. Most content creators get very occupied with finding relevant and top-ranking keywords when aiming for SEO.

While that is necessary, the following year users will need much more to ensure that the content performs. People need to focus their initiatives on connecting with the customers in meaningful and innovative ways. One can leverage the real-time search insights or use content titles and keywords that will better meet the search intent of the prospects and customers.

4. Voice-based Search Will Be The New Normal


We know you’ve been hearing it for quite some time now! Keyword searches will yield more useful results in 2024. Since the addition of speech recognition to mobile devices and internet software, internet users will be more likely to ask casual-conversation queries.

When it comes to typing searches, keywords like Best Yoga Routine are suitable, but with the rise in the popularity of voice searches, How to Do Yoga might be considered a new term for yoga-related topics.

5. A mobile-friendly website will be in


Ever since Google has brought ranking factors in light, it has been paramount for all businesses to optimize their websites in every way to keep up with the SERP rankings. Mobile responsiveness is one factor that helps the websites remain in the SEO game and lure maximum visitors. Since Google has introduced mobile-first indexing in 2019, all the websites must make their websites run on smartphones without any hassle.

As people’s preferences change, they don’t spend more time opening a laptop or desktop and searching for things; instead, they try to hop on to their smartphones and get all the things done through it. It is believed that around 75% of internet users will access the internet only through mobile devices by 2025. So, this is the best opportunity for businesses to leverage their SEO efforts by optimizing the website format for phones and gaining maximum traction. If you don’t have a mobile-optimized website, ascertain you do it immediately to get the most out of your SEO efforts.

6. Providing ultimate user experience


The main focus of the SEO tactics in 2024 will be providing a positive user experience to the audiences. People love to be customers of businesses that deliver a great user experience and optimize their websites. As Covid-19 hit the world, it brought changes to the users’ shopping habits. They are more inclined to online shopping through various apps and websites and want to get the products delivered to their doorstep.

This trend of online shopping will continue in the year 2024 too! So, businesses need to embrace themselves to cater to this need for today and make client’s experience better by

  • Ensuring that your website loads faster to prevent a growth customer bounce rate.
  • Ascertaining that your website is secure with SSL (secure sockets layer) for the safe shopping experience.
  • Enabling quick navigation on your site so that customers don’t find it a hassle to get the products they’re looking for.

7. Giving preference to semantic search


The next thing you ask for in 2024 SEO is optimizing the semantic search. Semantics means studying words, their relation with other words, and their meaning in any context. To create a great user experience, you need to focus on user-specific content, solve their queries, and provide insightful information. You can do this by generating audience-friendly content rather than being just SEO-friendly.

If audiences like the content, it will pull a chunk of traffic to your website, resulting in higher leads and conversions. Moreover, providing structured data like product ratings, recipe cooking time, etc., is also helpful in making the potential visitor click on your listings.

In Conclusion

Digital marketing trends will change with time, and there is no way to fight these changes. Therefore, the best one can keep up with these trends and alter their strategies accordingly. Businesses can also leverage the expertise of digital marketing experts to drive better results. To find out which are the latest trends in digital marketing, check out Leading Solution website today!