If you’re new to vaping, you might want to do some research before choosing the right vape kit. One size does not fit all since there are many options to choose from. Vape stores such as DashVapes provide a wide array meaning you can get all your vaping devices at a go.

That discussed, how do you choose the ideal vaping kit?

1. E-cigarette size


First off, you need to consider the size of the e-cigarette if you’re thinking about starting to vape. If you are used to smoking the usual cigarette that is lightweight and small, finding the ideal e-cigarette size may be frustrating at first. That is because the latter is heavier and much bigger.

Remember, small e-cigarettes may not produce enough vapor to facilitate an easy switch.

2. Vapor production


Secondly, you need to consider vapor production when choosing the right vaping kit. Several factors determine how much of it gets produced. Some of these include the resistance level of the atomizer head, the type of technology of the cartomizer/tank/cartomizer, and the e-liquid type in use.

Two main components are used as the base: Vegetable glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG). The more the former, the more the vapor is produced.

3. Capacity


Since vaping kits depend on electricity to function, you want one with a large battery capacity to keep your charge longer. The same is measured in mAh. One with 650 mAh (3.7V constant output) will serve you for about seven to eight hours. You will require two batteries to charge one as you use the other.

You also opt for a battery that can power your tank while charging, as long as you connect it to a USB port. It is advisable to have an extra battery just in case.

4. Safety


Is the kit safe to use? Can it be unsafe? If the tank is plastic, you might want to consider flavors that will not degrade it. Glass is another safer option. Pat keen attention to the battery and if it has security features. Such include the auto shut-off in case of a short circuit.

The more safety features your vaping kit has, the better. Ensure that every feature is certified for use and that there are no lead contents. The last thing you want is to use unsafe devices and have rust in your tank.

5. Can you clean your vape?


That is crucial. Can you effortlessly clean the tank? Can you make a replacement with the automizer coil? Will you need to dispose of the entire tank if some of the parts wear off? You may want a tank that is cleanable for hygiene purposes. Also, when you want to switch up the flavors, it gets easier.

Refrain from choosing those that cannot get cleaned.

6. Authenticity


If you think that authenticity doesn’t matter you are wrong. It does matter, and in regard to your safety, it is essential that you pay attention to it. For one, the market is oversaturated with clones. Sometimes you can’t even be sure if you are getting your hands on the right product. Getting an original vaping kit is vital because that is the only way you’ll be guaranteed that the right materials are being used in the manufacturing of the product. If you care about your safety you’ll be prioritizing this. All products in this department need to have at least the RoHS certificate which guarantees that no toxic materials have been used in the manufacturing of these products such as lead for example. You do not want any of it in your lungs. Buying a clone battery gives you no guarantees whatsoever and you’ll be putting all of the risks solely on your shoulders. Things get even worse if you buy clone coils, as you risk not only that the product delivery is going to be full of flaws but even injuries to your hands or face. So, whatever you do, make sure that the product you’re spending your money on is at least authentic.

7. Is the Kit System Complete or a La Carte?


If you are looking purely at convenience the best route to take would be to take the complete system, regardless if we’re talking about e-cigarette or something more advanced. This way you can rely solely on one item and interchange atomizers and coils, both of which are replaceable parts. If you go with the a la carte system, things get a bit more complicated. The reason is that you’ll be looking to choose each part individually. Components of these devices can be tricky and if you are a rookie in this department you could encounter issues with trying to ensemble the product. But, once you get used to it, it can get rather interesting as you’ll be able to create your product from the components of your desire which is precisely what some people love to do. The ability to choose the best vaping kit will come with time as you become a more experienced vaper. When you are a beginner it is not easy to make a choice at all, and it’s even harder to make the right choice. The reason is that there are so many options that it is hard to know which one is the right one. But, just like with anything else, as time passes and your experience grows you’ll know what’s right for you and the early struggles would disappear. Another benefit of experience is that you’ll develop a taste for the product which will in combination with vapers of your choice allow you to maximize the enjoyment. Worry not if with time your preferences change it’s all normal, and expected. Moving forward always includes changes as rarely anything these days remain the same.


With online platforms providing a wide array of vaping products to choose from, selecting the ideal vaping kit does not have to be a challenging task. With the tips discussed above, you should make a perfect choice to enjoy your vaping experience.