There are many quiet ways people can screw up their driving test, whether they mess up in parallel parking or come to a rolling halt. And for celebrities, the same goes! It doesn’t mean that obtaining their license is easy for them simply because they’re fortunate enough to afford countless driving lessons and presumably drive luxury cars.

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Even though celebrities can dance, sing, and perform with the utmost talent, they fail to take a driving test. Here is a list of talented stars but aren’t the greatest when it comes to taking the driving test.

Selena Gomez


Selena Gomez failed her driving test 20 times. Would you believe it? Back in 2008, it’s still unclear if she was exaggerating or what; she said on her social handle that she had to take the driving test roughly around 20 times. She said it was the weirdest thing that happened to her; therefore, she mentioned getting it done by the age of 30. Luckily, she has a driving license now.

Jaden Smith

When he failed his first driving license test, Jaden Smith came live on his Instagram and threatened to leave Los Angeles. Whether it’s the driving rules, Jaden didn’t like it, or he’s frustrated to take a couple of tests again and again. While ending his live session on Instagram, he left a note to youngsters saying to follow their dreams no matter what! We actually hope he acknowledges his own advice and tries for a driving test again.

Megan Trainor


Megan Trainor, on her Instagram, left a post after she finally passed her driving test written exam the second time. He noted that multiple-choice questions at driving tests are not a piece of cake to everyone, it’s really about practice over time.

Justin Beiber

Justin Beiber, at 16 failed his driving license test; he literally wrote his experience in his 2010 book named ‘First Step 2 Forever: My Story’. In his book, he also mentioned that the reason for him failing the test was that he yelled at the passing motorcyclist.

Emma Roberts


After failing her driving test, she realized not to forget to stop the car right in front of traffic lights. Read the instructions mentioned in the driving test before you start driving, and you might end up like Emma Roberts otherwise. She tried to give the driving test by the age of 15 but didn’t pass until she was 18 years of age. She explained to the Express report, “I again failed to take the test the third time.”

Mariah Carey

We actually hope Mariah’s Christmas was not ruined because she failed the driving test. Mariah Carey has already failed her driving test for the first time. We actually hope she passed the test by now. Perhaps dedication was what she lacked while she gave her first three driving license tests.

Austin Mahone


Before heading to take the driving test, he updated his routine on his Twitter handle. Unfortunately, he failed his test. Austin looked embarrassed entirely the first time he failed his driving test as he again posted on Twitter with “I Failed.”

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik was the last member of One Direction to get his driving license. Zayn’s dream to drive in the car and sing was not fulfilled until he gave himself a second chance to take the test. Zayn Malik reported to Gentside media that he had trouble shifting the pass lights and was frustrated to take the test again.

Carey Mulligan


It was until 2017 when Carey Mulligan was forced to take a driving license test for a road scene in a movie. By the time of taking the license exam, she was pregnant. The media reported pregnancy and the anxiety that prevented her from relaxed driving while taking the test. At Jimmy Kimmel Live, she told Jimmy that she had to take five or six days of learners driving test course to actually pass the test.

ASAP Rocky

ASAP Rocky has a driver who drives him anywhere possible. He admitted while being interviewed by Complex that he still can’t drive but has a couple of luxury cars in his garage. He pays an intensive amount to his professional driver. He even took a couple of driving tests but failed; the number of times he failed the test is not revealed yet.

Kate Beckinsale


Kate Beckinsale has been in the TV and Movie industry since 1994. It was until her adult age she had to wait to get her driving license. Unfortunately, she failed the first time. He admitted to the media that she applied for her permit but failed the driving written test. Nowadays, we see her riding with her 20 years old daughter.

Robert Pattinson

We all have seen the movie Tenet where Robert Pattinson does a car action scene on the highway. It’s a no-brainer on the green screen, but there is nothing CGI in the real-life driving test. Genocide reported, Robert Pattinson was anxious when he failed his driving test two times in a row. He didn’t want to take another test after he failed the test twice; however, he passed on the third attempt. He admitted in an interview that he finds controlling the car confuses him.

Did you pass your driving license test the first time? Was it hard to pass? If you have failed the driving license test recently, don’t worry. You are not alone. When you fail a driving test, it leaves you embarrassed; that’s what has happened to most celebrities.