Celebrities never go out of style, even when they are riding a motorcycle. Usually, males are seen riding and doing stunts on their bikes; however, the number of females involved in the biker community has been increasing massively every decade.

Not everyone passes the driver’s test the first time; it requires practice to tackle road rules, understanding the test, and passing the Driver Knowledge test in the first place. Lucky are those who actually started learning DKT and got themselves the training permit from the state government. If those busy celebrities can allocate time and pass the test, so can you.

A female riding a motorbike is undoubtedly appealing; therefore, the following includes A-listed female celebrities who love riding, and some are genuinely motorcycle club material.

Angelina Jolie


Back in the 1990s and 2000s, no actress came close to what Angelina Jolie was capable of. She had a huge movie success during the time, and no wonder she is the most beautiful woman in Hollywood. Angelina won multiple awards for her success in Tomb Raider, Salt, Mr. and Ms. Smith, and other movies. She has often proven herself as the badass motorcycle rider in a couple of movie scenes.

She often mentioned Brad Pitt, her former husband, as an inspiration to ride a bike as he is a motorcycle admirer and has a huge collection in his garage. Angelina mentioned she still has a BMW F640GS and a red MV Agusta gifted by former husband Brad on her 35th birthday.

Megan Fox


We all have seen Megan Fox ride modified Aprilia RS125 in the transformer movie with Shia LeBeouf. Megan is a heck of a foxy rider when it comes to driving powerful machines. Her stardom rose when she gave her appealing motorcycle scene in the movie; however, she was overly sexualized for her role. She even mentioned in her movie interview how much she loved doing action scenes in her red Aprilia.

Miranda Kerr


Miranda Kerr started modeling at 14. Along her modeling journey, she has proven herself to be a motorbike fanatic. In an interview, Miranda explained she began riding bikes when she was five and gradually turned herself to be an actual road driver. It’s not Miranda is a hardcore racer, but she loves the feeling and sense of freedom she experiences while driving.

She looks like an absolute goddess while she drives a bike as she is inheriting her father’s passion even further. She has a garage for herself where we could imagine seeing top racing bikes like Honda Superhawk classic. Furthermore, she has also mentioned she would ride any bikes of any weight unless she finds them uncomfortable to control.



Rihanna’s exotic voice and bold body figure absolutely suit her riding on a motorbike. In 2017, Rihanna opened a show in New York displaying her riding ability on a motocross bike into the hall. As we are familiar with Rihanna driving bikes in most of her music videos, that’s not new. When asked, she mentioned she would choose bikes over the car because they are fun to drive and live up to the freedom she wants in her everyday life. This alone explains how much she admiration and love towards two-wheelers.

Gal Gadot


To many, Gal Gadot is not just an actress but an icon, thanks to Zack Snyder for casting her as Wonder Woman when she was about to end her movie career. It’s no wonder that Gal Gadot could ride a motorbike. Actually, Wonder Woman has already starred in action-packed movies like Fast and Furious, which should give you enough thoughts that she could ride a bike. A super-heroine is seen riding the Ducati monster in the Fast and Furious movie, which could or couldn’t be her personal favorite, but she looked fantastic on her riding gears.

Catherine Bell


If asked, most would guess Catherine Bell’s age wrong; it seems like she has the superpower of not aging. Catherine has already turned 52, but still, she rides bikes; how cool does that sound? From TV shows to stunt works, Catherine has proven herself to be one of our times’ aspiring celebrities.

Bell has avid collections of bikes she would take for camera scenes. She is recently seen driving on Honda 600 RR.



Pink’s style never goes out of fashion, even when she drives Harley-Davidson Sportster XL Iron 883N and Triumph Bonneville T100 down the road. We all know she’s married to a biker, and it’s certain she’s developed herself to be the female lead in driving a motorcycle like a boss. Nearly every magazine and online news portal have covered pink’s stating “some girls like diamonds, while I like heavy metal and carbon-fiber.”

Wynonna Judd


Wynonna Judd comes in the light of being one of the famous country singers. She got popular from her excellent solo albums back in the 1980s and has received dozens of awards; we admire her music industry work. What’s more, admirable is her ability to drive a bike. She has got herself a garage with a fantastic collection of machines. Unlike others, Wynonna actually rides them rather than displaying them as a showcase and using them for photoshoots.

Jessica Alba


Jessica’s career as a magazine model was a sudden swift with some posters of her on a bike. If you’d ask to name any actress getting cast in a TV show after glamorizing motorbikes, that’d be Jessica Alba. When James Cameron saw her suited in black leather straddling a bike, he took no time asking Fox to put her billboards. She even did great as a cast in Dark Angel which made her a TV star.

Cameron loved riding bikes, and her personal favorite being Kawasaki ZZR 250. The motorcycle moves fast as her carrier.

Tina Turner


Apart from fantastic back-to-back records in the music industry, Tina Turner enjoys riding a motorcycle. She explained the ability to drive freely in her downtime matches nothing but bikes. We often see Tina performing her stage shows opening in bikes, and we expect her favorite bike could be Harley Electra-Glide; it certainly matches her personality.

Well, that packs our list of hot ones behind hot wheels. Riding and music are great, and celebrities are seen enjoying their time with motorcycles. It’s undoubtedly great seeing female stars gearing up on motorbikes; we hope we could cover more new names in our list in the coming days.