It’s a common situation when you see a fabulous swimsuit on a model, click “buy now” and then get frustrated trying it on. If you don’t want to become “the expectations vs reality” meme, always consider your type of body constitution and pick the items accordingly.

Here are three basic rules that help you to choose the perfect swimwear:

  1. Create an illusion of symmetry.

Add some volume where it needs and vice versa so the body proportions look more harmonious.

  1. Highlight advantages

Choose the styles which emphasize your natural beauty.

  1. Conceal problem areas

Choose the right silhouettes and muted solid colors for masking the things you don’t want to expose.

To apply these rules successfully, first of all, you need to define what type of body constitution you have. Experts put all women’s body types into the following categories: pear, inverted triangle, straight, hourglass, top hourglass, and oval. Take a look at the following descriptions to understand what shape you are and get some advice on how to choose the right swimwear according to your body type.



Description: your bottom is more massive than the top.

Your ideal swimsuit should draw maximum attention to the bra while giving appropriate coverage for the hips.

So it would be a great idea to pick eye-catching prints or plunging necklines for a top together with a calm colored clean-skirted bottom. Two-piece with push-up wires and padded cups also will help to create an appearance of wider bosom. Avoid thick-banded bottoms or boy shorts since they will emphasize the area you are trying to mask.

Inverted Triangle


Description: your top is heavier than the bottom.

Balance your proportions bringing more exposure to the waist and hips while minimizing the bust. Ruched one-pieces, high-waisted bottoms, and slimming bandeau tops will do this job perfectly. Also, you can try to create a “hip effect” with a tie-side bikini bottom. Various embellishments at the side of the hips make your lower body look wider and more defined than it actually is.

Straight body type


Description: your bust and hips are the same sizes, while the waist is slightly smaller.

This one requires the illusion of curves. And all kinds of ruffles here come to the rescue. Create a fuller-looking bust with padded or articulated cups and ruffles across the chest. Don’t go for shapeless one-pieces and straight-across bandeaus, as well as boy-briefs since they will only emphasize your athletic figure. Try a one-piece with cutouts instead. This will create an illusion of an hourglass shape. Also, opt for ruched bottoms with bright colors and girly prints to create additional volume at the hips.



Description: the waist is larger than the bust and hips, while the bust is quite massive and the hips are narrow in comparison to the shoulders.

Disguise the waistline with all kinds of belts and ruffles. Choose patterns that imitate the curvy silhouette and put all the bright details on the top. An asymmetrical neckline will also help to distract from the middle part of your body. All of these tricks will help to transform your oval into an hourglass.



Description: your waist is well defined, while the bust and hips are nearly the same sizes.

Congratulations! You are lucky to have the type of figure which looks great in any kind of swimsuit. However, if you wish to make a splash on a beach, pay special attention to one-piece suits with cutout sides or boldly printed bikinis since they will enhance your curves. Supportive tops that feature underwire or bandeau construction also flatter the hourglass figure.

Top hour-glass


Description: the waist is still well defined but the bust is larger than the hips.

This body type still looks athletic, even with the additional volume at the top. So you can confidently wear any kind of bikinis, but it would be better for you to give preference to a bandeau or double-strap top to provide more support for your bust.

Also, don’t forget to show the waist by choosing elegant bottoms (forget about boy shorts!) with bright patterns and ruffles. This will perfectly balance your proportions, drawing attention away from the heavier top.

Large bust


Another thing that requires a special approach is a large bust. The most important task here is to accentuate your curves while providing the appropriate support along with a comfortable feeling. Here comes in handy an endless number of styles with underwire, which is made to lift and support a large bust. Also, the key factor here is good straps. Opt for ones that are wide enough as well as adjustable to get ample support, proper lift, and security. To create a more delicate look try underwired double strap tops. Neck hook closure, adjustable halter top, push-up bra, waistband — all those details will work perfectly to keep your breasts lifted and prevent spillage. One more lifehack — if you wish to highlight your curves choose models with a ruched midline.

Aside from specific shapes, there can be a common issue such as a tummy pouch that you would like to mask. Hiding a tummy is not a complicated task. There are plenty of online stores such as Splish Splash offering nice tankinis with a high-rise bottom, peplum tops, and full pieces with ruching. All of those will cover your belly and create a nice feminine look. When looking for a bathing suit that should hide your tummy bulge, give your preference to prints, and patterns since they are a great way to draw attention away from the unwanted parts. The good thing about patterns is that they are able to define your waist. Another good piece of advice here could be to pick colour-blocked swimwear with a darker colour on the bottom and a lighter color on the top. This creates the illusion of a smaller tummy drawing attention to the top.

Ultimately, don’t forget — whatever body type you have, it’s not the swimsuit that makes you fabulous. It’s all about your self-confidence, your smile, and your charisma.