When you think of duct cleaning, you might face the challenge of choosing to do it yourself or asking a professional to help you do it. People choose to do it themselves due to various reasons. They might be experienced pros and do not see the need for calling another professional. Thankfully, we can find out this kind of professionals relatively easily. The reason is that this kind of repair has become pretty common with so many homes having these.

At the same time, this process might look not too complex for a lot of people. Plus, some people are just not satisfied with the fact that they need to call someone to fix something around their home. In this case, reaching out to the professional is a no-no. But everyone who would like to clean the system on its own would need to have proper tools to carry it out in the best possible way.

As we’ve already said, many want to save on the fee they would have paid an expert to do the service for them. When you choose to DIY duct cleaning in this location, it is essential to know that you will need special tools to carry out the exercise. Not only that it is imperative to do it for the sake of indoor air, but many of the benefits tied to this whole process are also actually health benefits. So, it is vital to carry this process out from time to time. Is it worth buying the tools if you do not have the skills?

Choosing a DIY or specialist


For those who are not aware of how the system works, it needs to be said that the HVAC system accumulates dust from all over the house. When we say that, it needs to be said that it doesn’t matter how much time you invest into dusting your house on a weekly level. Some of the dust will find its way through the system, no matter what you do. So, after some time, when it gets too piled up, you will need to start thinking about how to avoid the decline of its performance.

Now you know that air duct filters trap dust that can create a clog and reduce its efficiency. However, dirty air ducts do not cause much damages, so most people do not pay attention when doing general cleaning of the house. Although people associate them with an accumulation of dust in homes, it is not proven that they are the leading causes. But that doesn’t mean that you should maintain it from time to time.

Hiring an unprofessional cleaner to maintain your air duct can make the situation worse if they do not do a thorough job. When the process starts, they will loosen some dust, and this becomes easy for the dust to spread to other parts of the house through it, which worsens the condition and would make it better if it was left untouched. So, you would need to think about a way to find an expert who has significant experience in maintaining these.

Working with inexperienced cleaners could also harm the system, which will incur more expenses to repair or replace the system. Of course, this is not something you would want to do, since it can become really expensive. If there is mold piled up in it, it could cause harm to your family members. Mold can best be detected by an expert who might also have to take it to the lab for testing. That way, the severity of the problem can be established.

Signs your air duct needs to be cleaned


Professionals might advise that you clean your air duct after some time. However, how quickly dust and debris build up in the system might depend on some factors like your home location. For example, in case you live in Phoenix, Arizona, the chances of the dust getting piled up in the duct system is a much more common occurrence when you live in New York, right?

Just think about it, in Phoenix, Arizona, the desert is all around the city, and the chance of it reaching your home is pretty solid. So, you do not have to wait until the given duration ends to start looking for a duct cleaner. If you notice these signs, it is a perfect time to carry out the procedure.

Mold growth

During the inspection, you might notice mold growth in the system. Mold can be dangerous to your family’s health, and the best way to eliminate it is by emptying the system and scrubbing it clean. There are more ways it can cause health problems than we can count. So, it is crucial to remove all of it from the system.



Look for the invasion of animals like rodents and insects. They also build their nests in the duct, which could lead to clogging. We don’t believe that we need to mention what are the dangers of this happening in your home. In this case, we would advise you to reach out to the professional.

Dust and particles

If there are dust and other particles in your HVAC system, particularly duct, you will need to call an expert to clean that up. It is also essential to pay attention to the smell of the air. Without a doubt, this is one of the clearest signs that you need to do something about the HVAC system in your home. If there is an unusual smell, call a professional to check your system.

Is it worth it to clean it?


If you have noticed any of these signs and anything else unusual, it is advisable to hire an expert to inspect your duct. However, it is essential to note that it can be costly to deal with a professional. If the problem your system is facing is not severe, there is no need to incur the expense of paying a professional. However, if you notice mold, it is always advisable to carry out the procedure. If you have the skills and the right tools to carry out a cleaning process, you can do a DIY.

Is it expensive to clean it?

Hiring a professional will have you set aside some money for a better service. Also, do not go for the cheapest service providers. They might be cheap because they are less qualified and might do shoddy work or damage your system.

Duct cleaning might cost you approximately $600-$2000. This amount is exclusive of mold removal. This is because mold is removed with special equipment and might require specific chemicals and extra time. However, it is essential to talk about the total price of the service before the professional begins to work.

The Bottom Line


We can see that problems caused by dust in your home’s air duct system are much more common than we can presume. Therefore, it is an absolute must to perform its cleaning whenever you get the sense of it is needed. The question about choosing between DIY or hiring a professional is a pretty common one. Therefore, we would advise you to make a decision based on your experience and the tools you might have.