In recent years, the popularity of cryptocurrency can not be held back anymore. Cryptocurrency, as digital money that is created to replace the current monetary system, step by step, becomes more dependable. In fact, since Bitcoin firstly introduced in 2009, as of this moment, there have been 1,000 types of cryptocurrency in the market. Also, the value of a Bitcoin itself almost reaches 50K US dollars.

Seeing the cryptocurrency value makes the investment of digital assets seem very lucrative for many people. Therefore, hearing terms like Bitcoin enthusiast or Bitcoin investor is quite common nowadays. In accordance with that, the high value of Bitcoin attracts many people to become cryptocurrency investors. However, there are several things that you need to know in regard to cryptocurrency investment. One of the significant aspects is to understand the cryptocurrency market.

Just like a stock market, as an investor, you will have to prepare for any kind of market risk. From price fluctuation, security, market trends, and so forth are some of the common circumstances that you have to face in the cryptocurrency market. In order to give you a better insight into the cryptocurrency market, this article can be your guide in understanding the crypto market, especially for those who want to start investing in cryptocurrency and want to know about this virtual cash market. We provide any essential information in regards to the cryptocurrency market. Read more:

Global Crypto Currency Market


Before we go to the part of ups and downs in the cryptocurrency market, if you are committed to moving your assets onto the digital realm, you need to know the system as a whole. One way you can learn it quickly is to understand the global cryptocurrency market. Comprehending every element in the cryptocurrency market will give you the upper hand in managing your digital asset. From the current price, market cap, circulating supply, and so forth. These elements of the cryptocurrency market will assist you in assessing the market flow.

In addition, you may need to know about the cryptocurrency price tracker. This platform provides you with charts of the global cryptocurrency market. There are lots of price trackers on the internet, and you only have to find the one that is easy for you to comprehend and simple navigational function. Besides, you also need the crypto news aggregator, the platform that can ease you in monitoring any recent trends and news in the cryptocurrency market.

Investing in the crypto market


In recent years, there have been many millennials starting participating in this cryptocurrency investment trend. The cryptography-based currency takes the market by storm and attracts so many investors. Hence, if you have a thought to begin a journey in the cryptocurrency market, you also have to prepare for the worst-case and do not be blind to the profit of cryptocurrency all the time. There have been many cryptocurrency investors falling behind due to the lack of preparation and knowledge when it comes to facing the risk in the cryptocurrency market. Hence, to mitigate the unfortunate events of cryptocurrency investment, the sensible way is to hire a financial advisor that can help you in making a decision so you can perform better in the cryptocurrency market.

Being a cryptocurrency investor, you need to know anything about cryptocurrency investment. From its advantage and deficiency. Hence, let us dive in on the list of information below so you can have a finer awareness of cryptocurrency market investment.


  • Low-Cost Transaction Fees

One thing that makes cryptocurrency excel in the market is this virtual cash has a cheaper transaction cost compared to any other currencies in the market. Since it is digital money, not only its lower cost in terms of fee of transactions, but the process is also faster.

  • Clear Profit

Back in 2009, the birth of the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin came along with a statement that this digital money can give a clear profit to its owners. Cryptocurrency can assure this since there is no central authority behind it. In accordance with that, many people see this as a transparent monetary system with clear profit.


  • Price Fluctuation

Similar to the stock market, you may have to carefully monitor the price fluctuation of cryptocurrency. In doing so, you will know when to do transactions or storing your cryptocurrency.

  • Hackers

Since the technology is implemented on the internet, the actual risk is coming from the hacker. Suppose you are unable to apply high-level security to your wallet. You may be able to lose your cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrencies – statistics & facts


Because cryptocurrency right now is on the hype train and many people seem to get caught in these cryptocurrency trends. You must know several statistics and facts about cryptocurrency. Since there are lots of cryptocurrency types out there. We only want to focus on sharing some of the statistics and facts about the father of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Besides, this information can be very beneficial, notably for those who just start investing in digital assets or are merely interested. You definitely have to know about these things.

Bitcoin Statistics

  • Since the circulating supply of Bitcoin already reaches 18.6 M Bitcoin, it has been calculated that the number will reach 21 million.
  • The total market value of Bitcoin for March 2024 is $921 Billion.
  • Bitcoin governs one-third of the cryptocurrency market.
  • There is a saying that Satoshi, the founder of Bitcoin, has 980K of Bitcoins.
  • Up to 25% of the total amount of Bitcoins in the world is lost.

Bitcoin Facts

  • Bitcoin was introduced to the world in 2009.
  • Bitcoin contributes majorly to the daily transactions using cryptocurrency.
  • Back in 2024, Bitcoin’s lowest price was at $4,996.69.

These are some of the statistics and facts of Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency. Either you just recently started or senior cryptocurrency investor, you get to know these kinds of information. Even more, you need to update it with the latest news in the crypto market. It can be very advantageous for you. In doing so, you can always keep up with the latest trends that happen in the cryptocurrency market.