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There is something completely unrestrained when it comes to a man and a motorcycle – more specifically, a man on a motorcycle and his experience of the freedom of open road or adrenaline that works while riding your two-wheeler. It is a completely specific way of life that includes certain accessories, gadgets, and the image. However, true bikers most often say that this is a lifestyle – although they are aware that in the modern lifestyle, it is rare that anyone can fully respect this way of living.

Hell Machine Lovers

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Most bikers today are one way or another tied (not to say restrained) to their daily lives, jobs, careers, responsibilities, and family. Therefore,  not many of them can afford the full freedom of a biker lifestyle like the open road and the opportunity to sit in your two-wheeler and drive away from wherever you want, at any time and for as long as you want. However, lovers of these hellish machines, and the adrenaline that drives them Рis everywhere around us. Their true philosophy is recognizable in the fact that they drive not to escape from life Рbut to prevent life from escaping them.

Men, Bike And Free Road – Synonymous with Freedom

If you are riding a bike and wondering if you live a biker lifestyle – those who really do it or at least know how to do it, say that these are 10 clear attitudes to nourish a true biker within yourself:

1. You Always Choose A Bike As A Mean Of Transport

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If you choose your bike as a means of transport whenever possible – even if traveling by other means of transportation would be much more comfortable – then it’s a good sign that you are a biker-thinking person and living that lifestyle.

2. You Know Every Part Of Your Engine

Terms like “transmission” or “accelerator” have full meaning to you? If you recognize and know the names of every part of your bike, better than you know the names of your exes – it is clear that a mechanic is in your heart and there is no need to explain anything to you. If you have this situation – you are definitely a biker.

3. The Road Is Your Life

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Do you live your life from one motor trip to another? Are you spending the period between them thinking only about the previous trip or planning a new one? If the answer is YES –¬† that means you live a completely biker-driven life.

4. Your Topics Most Often Include Terms Such As Horsepower Or Engine

If you use some of these terms every time you talk to your friends, or even more so when you use them as synonyms for other words – then that terminology has entered your blood.

5. Freedom of the Spirit

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Does the word “brotherhood” mean more to you than just a group of friends who share a common passion for two-wheelers and have fun on the weekends? The stereotype that bikers are bad guys, unscrupulous and prone to vice is long overdue, especially since more and more motorcycle clubs or fraternities assembled – do just the opposite. Moreover, biker clubs can sometimes promote distinct moral values and, above all, accountability and safety in traffic. Their need for freedom rules out savagery and vandalism because it is first and foremost the freedom of the spirit, the freedom to live your dreams.

Biker Image Can Be Attractive To Women

The classic biker stereotype: the bad guy, the long, messy hair and the not-so-well-groomed man – has long been overcome. Moreover, that link was broken (at least in visual terms), as early as the middle of the last century – when bikers and hipsters came together. Besides, a messy look doesn’t mean a messy lifestyle – especially in recent years since we started paying attention to it. However, bikers have welcomed such a visual presentation long ago. Moreover, they have become a fashion phenomenon and often lend their style to sophisticated urban gentlemen – especially from the moment when women described their appearance as sexy.

So, if you decide to incorporate the style of a biker rebel into your style, know that you will leave the impression of a desirable gentleman of a free spirit, who always chooses his own lifestyle.

Creating A Biker Image

The best thing about creating a biker style is that anyone can interpret it in their own way. There is no identical appearance or definite way of what it should look like. Therefore, in its creation, the possibilities are almost unlimited. In terms of fashion, if you want to look like a well-styled biker, you have to respect the following items:

Leather Jacket – The Key To Your Outfit

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This timeless piece of wardrobe that has been adopted equally by many – is especially specific to bikers. If you are the one, choose a jacket with some biker logo – wings or flames. However, make sure that it does not have too many details on it – especially not metal ones, as you will overemphasize your style. Although today you can find biker jackets with a more or less well-known brand – you still have to take care of who you buy it from. The leather jacket is one of those clothing items that is often bought for a lifetime. Besides, if you are already nurturing a biker style – try to avoid artificial materials and be sure to buy genuine leather.

Earrings – A Must-Have Accessory For Every Biker

This is a must-have accessory in the biker’s image. The earrings they choose are quite different from all other options. They are usually of unique shape and design. Special features of jewelry for bikers are motives like crossbones, skulls, tribal motives, etc. They can be easily combined with some other type of jewelry such as the ring – which can make a great symbiosis.

You can check here for more information on attractive biker earrings. A great choice of models allows bikers to find an interesting item that will represent his character. Some prefer valuable earrings and some prefer more modest ones. Whatever the model, the men’s earrings have turned into an extraordinary accessory – which allows a biker to make his character and personality stand out.

Put On A Good T-Shirt

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It’s true – the leather jacket best rests on a classic white T-shirt and jeans, resuscitating the rebellious style of Brando or James Dean. But, if you want to be a true biker, the T-shirt you wear has to show some of your attitudes. Therefore, when choosing it, it is best to take one that communicates with the world you represent. Do not be afraid to wear a T-shirt that expresses your opinion. Bikers are otherwise known as individuals with a very strong opinion and a clear attitude about everything.

Choose Your Pants Wisely

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That means – if possible, avoid leather ones. A leather head-to-toe kit may look ok, but only while you’re on your bike. Jeans are, therefore, the right choice for you. A good pair of jeans will fit perfectly with a leather jacket and you will look great and biker-sophisticated in such a combination. Bikers have previously opted for leather pants because they gave them better protection while on the motorcycle, but that hasn’t been the rule for a long time. Namely, the design of biker jeans is much advanced, and today you have the option of jeans¬†available online in which protectors are easily put and removed for safe driving. They are also available in a variant in which their interior is coated with a material known for making body armor. Therefore, they provide excellent protection if, God forbid, you face a fall from the bike.

Get Good Boots

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This is an essential piece when it comes to biker style and almost, as a rule, they are made out of leather. When buying such boots, make sure that the appearance of various logos is minimal as possible. However, if you are not a fan of boots, you will not go too far wrong if you opt for sneakers. If nothing else they always go well with the “jeans and leather jacket”.

Look At The Road Through A Good Pair Of Glasses

Glasses are an inevitable accessory if you want to look like a biker. Those who follow this style usually opt for aviator-glasses, but any glasses that fit you well will fit into your biker outfit. If you love retro biker style – feel free to put on driving goggles.