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Pregnancy is a wonderful period of every woman’s life when she knows she will soon feel the unconditional love every mother is talking about. But, sure, at the same time, not every future mother feels the same. As we know, pregnancy is always followed by a wide range of symptoms, that may vary from mildest to extreme ones. Most of them are caused by the hormonal changes in her body, but also from the baby’s pressure over the other organs. That causes a lot of additional symptoms, like backaches, swollen feet and knees, joint pains, headaches, stomach aches, gastrointestinal issues, and being tired all the time. You can check Friso for more signs and symptoms of pregnancy and changes in your body.

When we talk about the pains in pregnancy, many people think we are referring to labor and delivery pains, cramps, and contractions, that help the baby to come to this world. If the baby was born with C-section, which is surgery, we talk about the postpartum discomfort. After the baby is born, the mother also needs a few weeks to recover, and it seems like from the first moment the woman gets pregnant until the breastfeeding lasts, they are in constant pain, aching, struggling, and in a state of discomfort.

No one should ignore the physical pains most of the moms go through during this generally beautiful experience. We are lucky today to have a lot of supplements, exercises, and also support belts, that may ease the discomfort these women feel. Many of them report back and pelvic aches, together with nausea, and emotional meltdowns, and the partners, and all the other family members should be a support to her.

These are a few ways to decrease the discomfort during the pregnancy:

1. Wearing comfortable clothes and shoes

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A pregnant woman’s body is different than before. Her blood vessels require more space, so the blood can reach every cell of mom’s and baby’s body, providing them with oxygen. We are sure every future mom wants to maintain her style, but sometimes that’s impossible, and she needs to wear more comfortable clothes and shoes, so she can avoid circulation issues. Practice daily walks and exercises, and you will have no problems with that.

2. Pregnancy yoga and Pilates

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Most of the fitness studios have specialized groups for future moms. Those who are let by their doctors to be active through the whole expecting period can sign up for these classes, and exercise regularly. The exercises are adapted to their condition, and according to so many instructors, and moms, these classes helped them to deliver their children with less pain.

3. Back and belly aches solution

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These women literally bring their babies in the womb, so back and bellyaches are normal and expected, and they are a result of the baby’s growth. Also, they are surrounded by amniotic fluid, which is also heavy, and the placenta adds additional difficulties. Some mothers found a nice way to ease these symptoms, that according to Parenthood.Guide includes wearing a maternity support belt. As it supports the weight, it decreases the pressure over the spine and bladder, making the walks and working more comfortable.

4. Nausea and gastric problems

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These are not direct pain triggers, but sure they can make the whole situation worse. Many pregnant women suffer from morning sickness or even a wave of whole day nausea, and all that running to the toilet can hurt a lot, while bringing the whole baby weight all the time. Some women suffer only a few weeks, but sadly, there are those who have gastro issues throughout the whole pregnancy, which may include not just nausea, but also acid reflux, trapped gas, indigestion, and symptoms similar to irritable bowel syndrome. They can be easily controlled with natural supplements, or special medicines recommended by a doctor.

5. Migraine and headaches

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Women who have chronic problems with migraines can feel even worse symptoms while they are pregnant. The bad thing is that they are not able to take the same treatment, since they may hurt the baby. Most of the doctors recommend natural relief methods, which may include drinking caffeinated and carbonated drinks, healthy food, tea, and avoiding the foods that may be a trigger for these conditions. But, if the situation is very bad, and your head hurts a lot, you can call your doctor to see if they can do something for you, and which medicine you can take, to ease the pain, without affecting the unborn baby.

6. Pain in the legs

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Sadly, there is no magical method that will help you ease this symptom. The pains can be located in the knee or foot, or you can feel the whole leg like it doesn’t belong to your body. The solution is to ensure you don’t stop the blood flow with your clothes, rest, eat quality food, but also do some light exercises if you are allowed, massage the critical points, and if the pain is long-lasting, seek medical help, so you can avoid unpleasant and life-threatening situations.

Being a mother is not an easy task, and the difficult times don’t start with your delivering – they are here from the first moment the embryo sets in your womb. It’s always better for the future mother not to compare her symptoms and condition with other expecting moms, because we are all different, and our bodies are coping with the symptoms in different ways.

We are sure every woman wants to remember her expecting period as a great experience, but sadly, we know that not everyone is able to do that. There are a lot of future moms that are literally sick and in pain for nine months, but in the end, everything is worth it when they hold their babies for the first time.

You can’t expect that the pains and symptoms we described in this article will avoid you – just the opposite, you should be ready for everything, so you won’t be surprised if some weird symptom accidentally pops-up. And of course, we wish you to enjoy your pregnancy because the real challenge will come together with your child.