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A ‘walk-in’ shower with a stone platter and an invisible glass or a large, lavish freestanding tub? We all have dilemmas when arranging our bathing lounge. Here’s what’s trending in the bathroom world for 2024.

A Shower Or A Bath – That Is The Question

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Whenever we talk to someone about bathrooms, one of the basic questions that come up at the beginning is: to install a shower or bath? Each of us has our own experience and some reasons why one or the other. We have ours too, and we could talk about it for hours, but today we’re going to tell you about the trends in the bathroom world for 2024.

Size of Bathroom

In every home, a bathing lounge is a place where we have the most intimate moments, and it should be arranged according to our needs. Many people often have the dilemma of installing a bathtub or a shower in the bathing lounge. However, we are most often determined by the size of the room, and accordingly, we choose bathroom accessories. Whatever the size of the bathroom is, if you plan the positioning of the elements well – you will have plenty of space for everything you need.

Living Habits

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Smaller bathrooms are best suited for showering cabins, while in larger spaces there is room for a bathtub. It is best when you do not have to choose between a bathtub and a shower, but you can place both in the bathroom. However, due to space constraints, we often have to choose one of the options. Something we should also keep in mind is the needs and everyday habits and not just the size of the space. So, depending on your lifestyle and what you enjoy, you will either choose a bath or shower for your bathing lounge. If you live at a slightly faster pace of life, then the showering cabin is the best solution for you. What shape will it be and what size will it take – depends on what your bathroom space allows.

Do You Plan On Buying A Walk-In Shower Or A Tub?

In modern bathroom design, walk-in showers and tubs have become very important. At the outset, they served as an alternative to the bathtub, especially for smaller bathrooms. Designers and manufacturers have improved this popular product over time. Therefore, today it has become an indispensable relaxing corner of every modern bathroom. Models of modern showering cabins are versatile and can be very interesting. In such a wide market offering, it is sometimes very difficult to make the right decision. So take a look at some of the best suggestions on Walk In Tub Report, where you can find a comprehensive guide when it comes to buying bathroom accessories like this.

Walk-In Showers And Bathtubs

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For starters, large spacious walk-in showers are just as popular as bathtubs, but of course, those photogenic, freestanding bathtubs that you can put in the middle of a room or a bathroom – really look like a decoration to any space. In addition to the beautiful freestanding bathtubs, there are also large spacious walk-in showers.

Fashionable And Practical Designs

Recently, there are more and more floor-level showers that look minimalist and make the bathing lounge look a lot more spacious. This type of shower enclosure is also popular for ease of maintenance because you simply have fewer cleaning elements and the bathroom is at the same time protected from water splashing. Besides, walk-in showers are very functional and chic and are ideal for small spaces. They give bathrooms a new, modern and fresh look and effectively use the space at your disposal. They look best when combined with a glass partition that will bring the shower and the rest of the bathroom into one. That is important because it visually gives the impression of a larger space.

Shower Walls – Walk-In Space For A Comfortable Bathing

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The shower wall is a type of showering panel but without a tub, with a fixed glass wall. They are also known as wall screens because they are installed in the bathrooms as a partition in the place intended for showering. The biggest advantage of shower walls is the maximum saving of space in the bathroom. It is practical since the installation between the two walls in the provided place for the shower frees up additional space. Also, due to its elegance and simple lines, the fixed glass screen fits into every bathroom ambiance. The glass screen “opens” the bathroom space and looks almost invisible.

Simplicity, Functionality, and Elegance

The trends of such bathroom accessories in 2024 are kept simple and functional. This year, the so-called Stonetto is very popular. It is a shower made of stone that is much more durable and easier to clean than ordinary stone. It also has better anti-slip properties and looks great. One of the first companies to produce Stonetto is Duravit, which offers it in 4 colors – anthracite, white, beige and concrete grey and in as many as 12 sizes.

OpenSpace Showering Cabin

Duravit has recently patented another great product. It is an OpenSpace showering cabin that seems to disappear and is ideal for smaller bathrooms. It is a cabin whose glass walls can be “removed” when the shower is not in use and they become part of the wall. OpenSpace can make one exterior part of the glass wall – a mirror, which will further enhance its attractiveness and functionality, especially in smaller bathrooms. In short, a phenomenal product.

Easy Walk-In Entry

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Such bathroom accessories are designed so that going to the shower (or a bathtub) is as simple as possible. The flat floor is safe and suitable for everyone, especially the elderly or disabled persons. The simplicity of “walk-in” is reflected in the fact that there are no barriers when entering the bathing area. There are no skipping or climbing. Because of the easy access, the walk-in option is a very practical solution for having a comfortable shower or a bath.

Straight Shower Drainage

Another advantage of walk-in showers is that they do not retain excess water on the tiles. The flat floor surface is completely protected from water spilling out of the glass even though there are no protective partitions on the tiles. Safety against overflowing water is provided by safety tempered glass.