COVID-19 ravaged lots of businesses. It is kind of depressing listening to the news about the regression of the money generated by most businesses. But is the pandemic enough reason for entrepreneurs to stop reaching their dreams? Yes, many individuals are not up to the challenge, which is perfectly understandable. But there are courageous and wise entrepreneurs who not only survived but thrived to the existing pandemic predicaments.

Their strategy may seem complex, but it is not. They understood and accepted the reality of the situation wholeheartedly, and then they strategize to be a covid-ready business. One huge example is the implementation of protocols in a commercial laundry shop. Laundry shop employees are considered frontline due to the risk of the job. That’s why implementing protocols will be a bit technical.

If you’re a laundry shop customer or a laundry shop owner, this article is perfect. Why? Because all essential COVID-19 laundry shop protocols will be enumerated. So here’s the list:

1. Face Mask is a Must


It is kind of a no-brainer but still worth mentioning because there are many anti-maskers in some counties. Yes, you read it right. They exist.

A face mask is protection for you and the people around you. When going to your favorite commercial laundry shop, make sure to wear one and bring a spare in your car or even in your pocket. The new normal seems not that new anymore. A face mask is like a part of the way we dress.

2. Face Shield as a Factor of Safety


“An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.” That is the wearing a face shield in a quote. Wearing a face shield reduces your anxiety in going out because it protects the wearer by preventing aerosol droplets’ inhalation that is a virus carrier.

It may be smothering but trust me, and it helps you a lot. Acquire and wear one on your next trip to the laundry haven!

3. Sanitize Before and After Entering the Premises of the Commercial Laundry Shop


The customers and employees must apply this laundry shop safety protocol. The important thing is to have longevity in the implementation because hand sanitizing prevents germs’ exponential spread. Please, never feel lazy sanitizing your hands before and after entering the premises of the commercial laundry shop.

4. Implement Proper Social Distancing


The definition of social distancing is self-explanatory. It enables to avoid direct contact with a potential virus carrier. It is not paranoid; it is all about prevention. It is not discrimination; it is a mere safety implementation. Its technicalities are so easy to remember. Keep in mind that a proper social distancing is 1 meter or 2 seats apart. If you are reading this, I highly recommend that you must be assertive in implementing proper social distancing wherever you are!

If proper social distancing is not observed in your usual commercial laundry shop, you can approach the management. For sure, your voice will be heard, and the proper action will be made.

5. Limit a Maximum Occupancy

Limiting the maximum occupancy of a laundry shop reduces the risk of being in close contact with each present on the building’s premises. Also, they come hand in hand with proper social distancing. If the crowd’s volume exceeds the maximum occupancy, it is hard to implement proper social distancing.

The authority advises that the maximum occupancy for any businesses must be reduced to 50%. In a laundry business, the owner is the one who is responsible for making sure the implementation is constantly practiced throughout the business hours.

6. Conduct Pandemic Related Webinars for the Employees


This is all about awareness. The employees of the laundry shop are the extension of the owner during every shift. It is necessary to conduct webinars (not seminars) because having a laundry business during the pandemic is riskier than you think. Putting the best foot forward by training laundry shop employees to be armed and ready against COVID-19 is one way to excel in this business. Listed below are webinar topics that can be conducted.

  • Proper Contract Tracing
  • A Customer with Fever
  • Proper Laundry Shop Sanitization
  • How to Approach Customers with Regards to Social Distancing and Maximum Occupancy

7. Increase Laundry Services that is Appropriate in the Pandemic


Laundry services that are in sync with the situation of the pandemic are an upgrade. One huge example is laundry pickup and delivery service. It lessens the occupancy of a commercial laundry shop while increasing your sales. Talk about genius! Additionally, it adds a new dimension to a laundry business. If you are in New York and looking for a laundry company that offers pickup and delivery, tap on

8. Create an Online Platform

An online platform reduces customers or potential customers to walk indirectly in a commercial laundry just for an inquiry. Preventing things like that from happening will significantly reduce the headcount in a laundry shop. Also, important announcements such as opening hours and safety protocols can also be done online.

9. Scheduling


If a laundry shop is overcrowded most of the time despite the implementation of protocols, then scheduling is one way to fix that. Designating a schedule for your regular customers is an efficient way to control the crowd. Probably, there’s a schedule for laundry in each household which is preferably once a week.

10. Keep a Clean Environment

With or without a pandemic, it must always be followed. Provide trash bins and always practice waste segregation. Also, keep the parking lot from being too dusty. Remember, a first impression is an excellent way to attract potential customers.

No matter how prepared you are, especially during these time times, business problems in a laundry shop will always be present. But yeah, that’s the nature of any business venture. Implementing necessary COVID protocols for laundry shops make your business stable and reliable. To sum it all up, COVID protocols must be followed and all times so that businesses like laundry shops will not be in jeopardy.