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As the anniversary is approaching you might be more and more anxious to pick a good way to surprise your loved one and make this day memorable. This can be especially hard if we talk about big numbers, such as ten, twenty and similar. Every anniversary is important it should be special. Sometimes even little things count, so make every day special, and for ideas about how to be on top of this task, read the text down below.

1. Breakfast in bed

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We all love to be spoiled, so go to the kitchen and make breakfast for your loved one. The kitchen is meant for everyone, so sneak out of the bed and make your spouse a memorable beginning of the day. This can be a good way to start a working day, showing them that you care. Nothing much needs to be on the plate, it is the intention that counts. If your loved one skips breakfast, a cup of coffee in bed can be a good compromise. You may consider going into bed and breakfast place and fully celebrate this day.

2. Picnic

If you are nature-loving, this can be a good opportunity to spend the day together in nature, sipping vine and eating fine food. A picnic can occur where ever you like, from your own backyard to the park or some river bank or beach. Here is where creativity comes in hand. Depending on the weather and the time of the year, this may not be always an option, so be cautious and check the weather forecast.

3. Spa

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A day or few in the spa center will have such benefits on both of you. Not only women like to be pampered, so check out the closest spa center and make reservations. Spa centers offer so much, from different types of pools to saunas, salt rooms, and massages. This can be an excellent opportunity to reconnect with your partner and have some alone time with them, especially if you both are busy at work and have kids. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy life and the company of one another. After this trip, you will be full of energy and ready to get into new business opportunities.

4. Walk down the memory lane

What can be better than starting up the old flames by walking down the memory lane? This can be achieved in multiple ways. One of them is to snuggle and look at the wedding pictures and wedding videos together, remembering those moments. You can also go and visit the restaurant you have had the wedding party at. Some love to revisit and recreate the first dates or dates on which proposal happened.

5. Road trip

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Going away even for an afternoon can be fun, so why not take a party bus from and go on a road trip and visit a few places you two have always wanted. This can be a good opportunity to reconnect and have some alone time, as well and satisfy your adventurous nature. No matter what you pick as a location, it is the journey that matters, so make it count.

6. Do activities together

Many couples always say that they do not do many things together with their partner. So, why don’t you pick an activity that you can do together? This can be a painting or pottery class if you are artistic types. You can visit a local market, and make it a habit, something to do on a regular bases. It may be interesting to start going to the gym together and be one another gym buddy. Some couples take cooking classes together, and they transfer this unity feeling from the class into the kitchen at home. No matter what you choose, be opened minded towards it and try to have fun along the way. If it does not feel good, try something else, you will, for sure, find the activity which will make both of you happy.

7. Explore nature

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For the ones who love nature, a day outdoors can be very special, especially if the activity is something you wanted to do for a long time. Sometimes, even a simple walk around the botanical garden followed by lunch or dinner in the green oasis may be a perfect date for the anniversary. Some couples like hiking, so this can be a fun, all-day activity to engage in and explore nature. The exploration will give you time to connect to one another and remember how strong the bond between you two is. Scuba diving can be an interesting twist of events if it is offered in your town. If there are caves in the area, you may reconsider making a road trip to one of them and spend the day exploring the depths of the caves.

8. Make thoughtful gift

In essence, you know your partner the best and sometimes it can be quite nice to just organize or make something that counts. This can be a dinner for two with the favorite meal, or the earrings she has been eyeing for months. A simple love letter can make it all better, or just a simple flower. No matter what you choose, make it count. It should be something they will remember, a gesture, a gift, a kind word. Some will love to get something that is made just for them. And others will be happy with a simple “I love you”

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There are so many ways you can celebrate a wedding anniversary, we have just mentioned a few. You can do it alone, or with all of your friends making a big party. When it comes to celebrations, you should do this the way it feels the best for you and you two alone. This is your day, and do not forget to cherish it like all other days of the year. Make an effort and try to enjoy every single moment with your special someone.