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Oftentimes, packing for a holiday requires more time and effort than the entire process of actually organizing the trip. This is true for most people regardless of the length of the trip itself. People usually have to make a list of things that they should bring, and usually, there are some things that might not be necessary, but you know what they say – “you never know”.

Traveling with numerous luggage and handbags is always tiring, especially if you are traveling long-distances and have a long flight in front of you. However, this entire experience doesn’t always need to be exhausting. In this article, we are going to present you with some useful accessories that are going to make the entire journey more comfortable.

Hygiene items

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Okay, so these are essential especially if you plan on going to different cities and visiting different places. This means that you will spend a lot of time in your car or bus. If this is the case, you will definitely need hand sanitizers, wipes, and a folding toothbrush.

When you go somewhere where a lot of people have been, it is advisable to try to touch as few things as you can. This is true for everything – from bus seats to gas station items. The only way to protect your health and find different types of bacteria is to always carry a hand sanitizer with you. These come in different forms, so you can choose between wipes, gels, sprays, and so on, whatever works for you.

Furthermore, it is always a good idea to have a toothbrush in your handbag when traveling. Make sure to purchase those that can fold, because they are specially designed for this purpose and they won’t take a lot of space.

Comfort items

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If you are about to go on a long flight, there are some items that you can bring with you to ensure that you stay comfortable. First of all, there is a travel pillow. The best feature of these is that they are inflatable, meaning that they are extremely light and easy to carry. Also, these go around your neck and are adjustable.

Similarly, you might want to think about a sleep mask. Since there is surely going to be some light around you, whether on a plane or a bus, this accessory may be a crucial thing to ensure that you get some sleep. Go with one that has an adjustable strap and that is made of natural fabrics that make it hypoallergenic.

Did you know that there is an airplane footrest you can bring with you? Without a doubt, this is one of the greatest travel accessories. It is made of memory foam and it comes with adjustable straps. All you have to do is to attach it to the tray table on the seat in front of you and relax.


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Clearly, when traveling anywhere, you need to have suitcases. The sizes and the number of these depend on the amount of clothing and other stuff you are bringing with you. You can choose between a carry-on and a leather bag such as Von Bear travel bag, whatever you need.

While on the subject of suitcases, you might want to consider buying space bags. These compression bags that can be rolled up will save you an enormous amount of space, which let’s face it, it is quite important when bringing a lot of stuff and do not want to pay extra when the bag exceeds the airline’s luggage limits. If you do not like the idea of these bags, you can also go with packing cubes that will protect all your items and keep them organized.

Shoe and laundry bags are additional useful accessories that will help you separate dirty clothes and shoes from the clean ones. Finally, you should consider getting a travel wallet. This item is the best way to ensure that your passport, ID card, money, and all credit cards are safely stored in a single unit.


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Wherever you go, you have to bring some devices with you. Even when you go to work you bring your smartphone with you, right? Obviously, the first thing that is probably on your list is a camera. We all want to capture moments from our holidays and keep photos as a reminder of some fun and adventurous experience. Yes, you can use the camera on your phone, but unless you have the latest top-notch model the chances are that photos are going to be of low-quality. It also might be a good idea to think about bringing a small, foldable tripod. Just to ensure that your photos are perfect.

Moreover, if you are traveling with your kids, you should probably also bring a tablet and you would also want to put it in a shockproof tablet case, visit to learn more. Yes, we know, too much screen time isn’t good for children, but you cannot expect them to sit quietly on an airplane for a long period of time. They are young, they want to explore their surroundings, and giving them a tablet to play games or watch cartoons is the best way to keep them entertained.

Due to the fact that we use all the devices a lot, especially when traveling, and that the battery doesn’t last long, a portable charger has become an essential item that you have to bring. Nowadays, you can buy these almost anywhere, and their price depends on their power capacity.

Don’t forget about earphones or kindle. Depending on your personal preference, you might want to finally finish reading that book, or maybe relax with some music. Download the latest album of your favorite singer, or create a playlist and enjoy.


All in all, these are only some of the essential accessories that you should definitely be on your list of things you need. Clearly, the items on this list depend on multiple things, everything from your needs to the mean of transportation you are using. However, all of these have the same goal in common and that is to make your trip enjoyable and fun.