When you sign up for an online casino for the first time, you are getting some welcome bonus, that you can use for free playing, to see if you like the game or not. Many players are asking if it’s possible for you to win some prize only by playing with that free spins, without having to deposit additional money. According to betenemy, only new players are eligible to claim the bonus, and they should be 18 and older than that to be able to join some new gambling websites.

But, is taking advantage of that bonus worth it? Can you really win something with it, and then leave and never look back at the game?

The answer is that it’s possible to win, but that happens rarely, because simply – that’s not the purpose of the online casinos. If they let a lot of players win just with the free spins or promotional money, then, they are losing their purpose, and won’t make any profit. Even when the system lets the player win something, the prize is small and risk-free. But, if you go for jackpots, then it’s almost impossible to win only with your bonus.

There is one thing that every new gambler should remember – the bonuses have some worth, but they are not free money, and you can’t withdraw them on your account. But, one of the benefits is that it’s letting you play, without having to spend your money on it in the first place, and then see if you are interested in the particular game or not.

Surely, there are plenty of questions related to this topic, so we will try to ask some of them:

Can I really win money only by bonuses?


As we said, it’s possible, but not all the time. Sometimes, the system will let you do that, and you will double the amount for example, but in most cases, this money is only to let the people get into the game, and proceed to put their deposit and play for real. If the casinos allow winning big amounts of money just by using what’s free, they won’t have any profit. Even when someone wins some big jackpot, the casino is still profitable, and that’s because of the people who are paying for it.

Should I take what’s free?


Sure, because you can test your luck. Sometimes you will get a big bonus, and when you play with lower wagering (if allowed), you have more free spins, which is increasing your chances of winning something. That works this way – you deposit some amount of money, then you get the bonus, and decide how you will use it. Also, the money is still yours, and you can cash them back if you don’t lose them during the game. Smaller deposits mean smaller bonuses and vice versa. So, if you are feeling lucky today, and you want to put it on a test, then you can expect to win something while playing.

Why the casinos are offering it?


It’s an ongoing trend that can be seen in every gambling location on the Internet. In some way, they are giving you a chance to test the game, and even win some money while there. Also, the psychology behind gambling is that the person will always look for more, so it’s increasing the chance for the player to stay. People want free things, even when they are aware that they will pay for them anyway. That’s why it’s a part of the gambling strategy of every online casino. They need to attract those people and make them stay as long as possible.

How does the bonus work?


We will explain this with a simple example. Imagine you are joining some service, and it asks you to deposit some amount. You are choosing to invest $100 for that purpose. Then, the casino is making the offer, and if you get a 100% bonus, you will have $200 to play. Remember that these $200 are not yours and you can’t really cash them out. But, if you spin and win, let’s say $230, then this money is yours and you can withdraw them, saying that you only invested $100, and you are leaving with $230. But, this is really a small win, and most of the time, the players go for big jackpots, which means more money invested, and bigger profit for the casino, ending with increasing the jackpot.

Are there some restrictions?


This depends on one service to another. The house decides about this question, but in general, there are always some restrictions, because they are giving you something for free, and you can’t use it the way you want. For example, it can be applied to a limited number of games, or the system won’t let you increase or decrease the wagering requirement. Usually, those restrictions are listed in the terms and conditions of every web gambling service, and you must read that before you give your consent. Remember that even in the case of a complaint, those rules are on the side of the house, and that’s why it’s important to be aware of them.

So, what can we conclude at the very end?

If you read this article carefully, then you probably know that every gambling action is bringing some risks with it, and you should be aware of that, especially for the cases when the player is getting addicted and spends all the money on the games. But, knowing that we are smart enough not to do that, we should only stick to the entertaining side of gambling. Online casinos are here to help us avoid going out, meeting a lot of people, and maintaining the needed social distance during the pandemic. Since some countries increased the COVID-19 restrictions, people have more spare time. So, downloading some gambling app is maybe not the best solution, but surely it can bring some profit if you are skilled enough to know how to work with the bonus you have.