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Ever since the 16th century, cricket has been holding a special place in the lives of people in India. Even though it wasn’t smooth sailing, it remains a very important part of the culture, and every man will know at least something about it, while others will tell you that it is their passion.

Gambling on the cricket matches exists for many years, and even though there were some periods when the government worked actively on prohibiting it, there are always some innovative ways how the people continue to satisfy their urge for betting. There are many reasons why it is so popular in India, and we will name a few, so keep reading!

  1. Cricket betting is accessible

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Considering that the income of most Indians is not too big, having the opportunity to earn some money on the side is truly welcome for most people. Considering that most Indians know about cricket from their early childhood, they are familiar with the rules making betting an integral part of the normal daily routine.

It is a way to get the adrenaline working, which adds a little excitement to the lives of every individual eager to bring a little fun into their life. The matches occur pretty frequently, which makes it easier for people to engage and bet on the matches they want. Since they occur pretty frequently, people don’t have to wait a long time to bet making everything much easier.

  1. It is a great way to cheer for the favorite cricket team

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Considering that everyone in India is very much involved in all the occurrences concerning cricket, people want to show their enthusiasm and appreciation by cheering and betting for their favorite team. Every win matters and more than 350 million people are watching every match to see if their team will win.

This is a large part of the entire Indian population. Considering the number, it is clear just how passionate the people are about cricket. It is like it runs in their veins. Betting is a way to show just how important it is, but also earn some money while doing it. If you wish to try it yourself, check out

  1. It is a thrilling

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Betting can be pretty thrilling, especially when two great teams play. Seconds matter and this is why people love it. Betting brings that excitement into every day and not without a reason – there are huge amounts of money involved, some even mention figures of 150 billion, which is a lot!

This is sufficient to show just how popular it is. Money is very important and people will always try to find as many ways to obtain it as possible. Knowing cricket rules well and all the players make it easier to earn money through betting much easier. Every time a person gets a chance to cash in on their knowledge is the chance to make their life better and fill in some gaps in the budget in the easiest way. Just waiting for a new match to start brings excitement.

  1. The rules are simple

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Cricket is not a complicated game and there is no need to learn numerous rules about it which makes it easier to engage in the betting and cash in quickly. Even people who have never played it or watched it are able to catch up in no time. There are numerous players who showed their knowledge and made cricket even more popular than before.

This is why people in India love to be in the loop with things and see what their favorite players do. Even beginners in betting can easily jump into everything and learn the rules pretty fast. This makes it even better and it is one of the reasons why so many people like it. Placing the first bet may be challenging, but every next bet comes easier.

  1. It is a great hobby

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Every person has something they like to do when they finish their work and obligations. While some people like to run or work in the garden, others like to have something more exciting. Having something that brings you joy after a long day at work can be liberating. This is why people in India love it.

It is a great hobby, a chance to socialize with friends, have a chat with them, and simply relax. Besides, the fact that there is now online betting available makes it easy for each person to place bets in a matter of minutes no matter where they are. It is a way to relax when having a break or to simply take a look at the results whenever you want to.

It is convenient and easily accessible, especially with the increased use of smartphones. Being able to access the betting site whenever you want is a huge advantage. This is why it is harder for the government to ban it.

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The internet has made numerous things easier, including betting because there is no need to go anywhere. Betting can be done in the comfort of your own home, while you are doing sometimes else, even right before bed. You need only a few clicks to be able to access the website of your choice and place the bet you want.

As far as we can see, the popularity of cricket in India won’t decrease any time soon. It can just increase because it is easy, simple, exciting, and accessible. It is an easy way to have something enjoyable and fun in every day when opposed to numerous obligations.

Men have always considered sport betting their gateway from stress and a chance to bond with friends. It is a way to get excited and involved in fun activities with the people who want the same thing. With all of these factors, it becomes pretty understandable why cricket is so popular in India and why it will continue to be the number one activity for most men there. It is fun and thrilling – there is no doubt about that!