Before you can smoke cannabis safely and comfortably, you need to know the differences between the various smoking consumption methods. Just like there are different ways to do anything, you need to do your research beforehand so you can be educated and comfortable during your first cannabis ingestion experience.

For example, edibles will provide a much different smoking experience and are higher than water smoking methods. Since edibles do not use any smoke or vapor in your lungs, it can be quite different for your health and the social aspect of cannabis consumption. On the other hand, bowls are very different from edibles. They usually produce a stronger high, release smoke into your lungs, have other chemicals in the weed, and involve you using flowers with your apparatus.

Because of the main differences of each type of smoking method, you need to first learn about the pros and cons of each before buying anything. Let’s see the main differences between a joint and one of the most popular smoking methods for groups on the market today! You can visit site to have your own high-quality smoking methods.

3 main differences between a bong and joint – what you need to know before using!


If you have never heard of a bong, you first need to know what this is and how to use it. It is a cannabis pipe, typically composed of ceramic, metal, or glass, that is used to smoke marijuana. By inserting the flower into the bottom of the bong, you can heat the apparatus and begin smoking the flower of your choice.

The basics of a bong work by using water, and sometimes ice inserted into the chamber, to cool and filter the smoke. The purpose of using water and ice is to help make the pull smoother, better tasting, and more intense, along with ensuring this method does not burn your throat or lungs when inhaling. The smoke is pulled through the chamber at the bottom of it which is filled with water.

As the smoke comes up through the liquid, it is held in downstream until you are ready to inhale the smoke for the high. When you’re ready to inhale the vapor and smoke gathered in downstream, you can release the carp cab and inhale through your lungs with a deep breath.

The main parts of smoking this method include your marijuana flower, whether it is indica, hybrid, or Sativa, a bong, lighter or hemp wick, grinder for your flower, and water. You may also want to add ice to your water so the water is cooled even more and you do not burn your throat.

As you can see, it is a more complicated method than using a joint. Let’s see the three main differences between using a bong and a joint to smoke marijuana!

Bong has more moving parts


One of the main characteristics of this method is all of the moving parts and accessories involved with this apparatus. Instead of a joint, which just uses rolling appears and lower, and a lighter to light the marijuana, the bong has various accessories that you need to use simultaneously to ensure a smooth smoking experience.

A bong will have a downstream, bowl, chamber, carb, and involve adding water to the apparatus so that you can properly smoke the marijuana. You also need to clean it to ensure all of the moving parts are not filled with debris or dirt build-up during the previous uses. If you frequently share your bong with other friends and users, you need to disinfect and ensure that there are no parts of the bong that are accumulating build-up and debris.

Bongs have a stronger high


Another difference between a bong and a joint is the ability to produce a strong high. Bongs are known for producing long-lasting highs, strong highs, and intense flavor. Unlike joints, where you can change the amount of how much you get high based on your pull and based on the flower you use in the paper, you will almost always have strong after-effects once you are done smoking out of a bong.

Even if you just suck in a little smoke and vapor from the downstream while you are using a bong, you will still have a more concentrated high than you would with a joint. The bong uses the water and the downstream to ensure you get big pulls no matter what. If you are a new user, consider trying to join before using a bong if you are not used to building up a tolerance or smoking large amounts of weed.

Joints are more portable


The third difference between bongs and joints is the portability and transportation factor. Bongs are fun to use with friends and in social settings – unfortunately, there are more parts to bring with you to parties or friends’ houses due to the bigger nature and multiple moving parts.

Since they are bigger and require multiple accessories, you have to bring a lot of equipment with you to ensure you can properly use the bong to the fullest potential. If you forget the grinder, chamber, or carb cap, it can totally change the effectiveness of this apparatus.

Unlike bongs, joints are smaller and more portable. You can easily put a joint in your pocket, backpack, or purse, and no one will know. This means you can bring a point to anywhere in public and it will be discrete. You can bring a joint to a public place, like a park, and smoke while others are smoking cigarettes and it will be virtually unnoticeable.


For those who are debating between using a bong and a joint, numerous factors can influence your decision. For advanced users who want a big hit, strong high, and intense flavor, consider using a bong to get a long-lasting high that is sure to last for many hours! If you are a newbie to smoking cannabis and you do not want a long-lasting high but would rather control your experience, consider using a joint for your first-time use! Furthermore, you can use joints or bongs with friends, but joints are more portable to bring to your friends’ houses or use out in public.