Must-Haves For The Living Room


The living room is the first room that one sees when they step into a house, so it’s safe to say that it makes the first impression. Since the living room is so important, you don’t want a living room that is empty or too cluttered. However, it could be hard to decide what to put in your living room, with such a wide array of furniture you can choose from.

Even though there are different types of living rooms and the fact that everyone’s living room should be unique, there are still some essentials that every living room needs. Here are all the essentials that you absolutely need in your living room! You can also look to the designers at Cutler to help you with interior design.

Essential furniture

This is probably a no brainer since you need furniture to carry out your daily life. They are also the items that take up the most space in your room, which means people usually take notice of your furniture first. You can arrange your furniture however you like for sure, but they are ones that you absolutely cannot leave out in anyone’s living room.

● Couch


Couches are the most important furniture in a living room. You need it to sit and rest after a tiring day of work, and to sit when you’re watching the TV. They may be very expensive, but it definitely is a good idea to invest in a good couch so that it can last well.

A good couch necessarily means good functionality. You need to consider how big your couch should be to fit the number of people in your home. For example, sectional or L-shaped couches are great for big families. On the other end of the spectrum, a small 2-person couch is fit for a couple or an individual living alone. You also need to think about how long the couch you chose can last, given whether you have pets or children in your homes. This could significantly affect the kind of material you want your couch to be, and what upholsteries you need. Try out the sofa as well, as you need to know if they’re comfortable enough for you. Ask yourself if you like leather couches or cotton couches more.

After you have considered functionality, then you can go on and decide whether it suits the color scheme in your home and whether it suits your style. It’s always safe to opt for a timeless option since couches are there to stay for some time.

● Coffee table


Coffee tables are probably the second thing that comes to mind when you think about living room furniture. They often come together with the couch and complement it. Coffee tables are also great to place your beverages or snacks on when you have guests over, or just to place your remotes and decorations. Furthermore, coffee tables do not take up much space.

When you choose your coffee table, be sure to consider how it matches your couch, and whether your living room has enough space for a big table or not. If you have a long couch, you should opt for a long coffee table as well to match it. A smaller, more modern couch would call for a round or squared table. Depending on how you want your living room to look like, you can opt for a round table instead of rectangular or square tables for a softer look.

The height of the coffee table is also important. A table that is too tall or short for your couch will result in an awkward configuration. It will also present problems when you reach for things on the table from your couch. So, it is wise to choose a table that has a height that is similar to your couch.

Lastly, coffee tables come in many types of material. If you have children, glass tables with sharp ends should not be used; if you put drinks on your tables without coasters, don’t get marbled tables which can be easily stained. Functionality plays a crucial part along with aesthetics.

Optional furniture

In addition to your two essential furniture, there are some furniture that you might want to incorporate in your living room but can forgo if you choose not to have it because of space constraints or stylistic choices.

● Chairs


Other than couches, you could add more chairs in your living room. They could be great for guests to sit on if your couch doesn’t have enough space. The chairs should match your sofa as well, so you could consider chairs that come with your couch.

However, you need to think of the placement of chairs, because you don’t want to block any walking space nor make your living room look too crowded. On the other hand, they could be placed far apart from your couch to fill up empty space if your house is larger. You can check some good chairs on ErgoTune.

● Television


Television is also something that you see in many homes, although it definitely isn’t one of your top essentials in a living room especially if you don’t watch the television. If you choose to get them, however, there can be many ways to place your television. You can either choose to hang it above fireplace which you can find at Watson’s or to place it on your coffee table. Either way, it should fit your living room well without taking up too much space. If you don’t have much space, then you could try a corner television. One unique way to place your television is in a cabinet with doors like sliding doors. This way, you can hide it when you are not watching the television that could provide a chic feel to your home.

● Side tables


Side tables are placed, as you guessed it, at the side of your couch. This could fill up space in a larger home or place lamps to light up your room. Side tables are especially fitting alongside longer couches so that you can place your drinks and belongings on them instead of getting up to walk to the coffee table. Like your coffee table, choose a side table that matches the height of your couch so that it is comfortable for you.


Other than furniture, accessories are a great way to spice up your home and add your personal style to your living room.

● Plants


Plants are a classic way to add some style to your house, and they also freshen the air and add color. Also, if you add an indoor water feature from Luxe Water Walls in your living room and gather some plants, it will definitely look amazing. Plants are very versatile because you can choose from a variety to match your couch and walls. One thing to note about plants is to make sure that you place them where there is sufficient sunlight for them to survive.

● Rug


To add a more homely and cozy atmosphere to your living room, go for a rug! They help to make your house look more inviting so your guests feel comfortable.

● Pictures


Family pictures add a personal flair to your home and make your home unique to you.

● Pillows


Pillows will make your couch much comfier, and add colors to your living room as well. So you can have a couch that is more muted in color to fit your aesthetic, but pillows can be of bright colors without compromising on your style.


In the end, your homes should reflect you and your family. There can never be another living room like yours, even with the same types of furniture!