Surfing too much time on the internet and essentially on your mobile phone requires it to be charged constantly. The number of charges your mobile has received directly affects the overall life of your lithium-ion battery that powers your smartphone and a time would come that you would have to replace it and its performance or life would also start to degrade.

There are a lot of tips available on the internet to increase the life of your lithium-ion battery but these only seldom work. For your assistance some of the most practical tips are being shared down here, take a look and benefit yourself before falling into the vertigo of online promises and lies to increase the mobile battery life;

1. Keeping the battery at room temperature


The worst that can happen to a lithium-ion battery is charging it to its full capacity and then leaving it out there among the elevated temperatures. The ideal temperature for a lithium-ion battery is about 20-25 degrees. Therefore it is recommended that keep the idea of using or charging your mobile device near or at room temperature. Heat is the most important factor to consider when it comes to prolonging the battery life of your mobile device which in this case happens to be the lithium-ion battery.

If you can ensure that the device is not subjected to prolonged elevated temperatures then not only the battery life would increase but its longevity would also get a nice kick to begin with. It means that the battery itself will be lasting longer. A simple trick that can help you to stay on track with this is by refraining from charging your device under open environments or direct contact with the sun.

2. Buy a high capacity battery


If you are someone who has been using a so-called trick of keeping two distinct lithium-ion batteries with themselves at all times so they can use the other when their primary one is depleted then you are doing it all wrong. Instead of going for two different batteries of the same capacities why don’t you use a single investment and buy a single lithium-ion battery but with higher capacity.

You won’t have to carry two distinct batteries all the time to serve your needs for longer battery life, buying a single high capacity battery would allow you to save the daily hassle that you will be putting into charging both the batteries and then carrying them with you all day long. In fact, if you were looking forward to buying a power bank to keep your cell charged throughout the day then instead buying a high capacity battery will serve you more. That is why buy a high capacity battery instead of carrying two different with you at all times.

You must also take into account the aging characteristic when making a new purchase for lithium-ion batteries. Sure if you keep going then you can find the there is but you must always bring into account various characteristics other than performance and that is compatibility with your mobile device and the cost of the battery itself.

3. Allow partial discharges


The NiCad batteries do have a charge memory but when it comes to the lithium-ion batteries there is no charge memory so it is alright to use the partial discharge cycles. There is also an exception here and that is based on the findings of the experts that you should allow your battery to deplete all the way after almost thirty charges.

The main reason for this approach is that when you continue charging the device with partial discharges a digital memory is created within the battery that can decrease the accuracy of the device’s power gauge. That is why it is important that you let the battery deplete completely and this way the power gauge will get recalibrated again. If you don’t allow for your device to be depleted down its very limit then chances are that it won’t get calibrated on its own ever causing you great distress for the future.

A great tip that can help you to stay on track with this is to issue a to do later task or alarm in the phone that is subjected to alert you after 30 charges or so. This way you won’t forget to completely juice out your battery at the intended time but would also help you to stay on track regarding the future.

4. Avoid complete discharging


This is another great tip that would help you to increase the longevity of your battery. Make sure that you never completely discharge your battery or keep it that way for far too long. This way you won’t be able to charge it back due to a safety circuit that is built into the battery which will open and the battery will appear to be dead.

This happens if a lithium-ion battery is ever allowed to discharge below the 2.5 volts per cell. If something like this ever happens to you then remember that the original charger will be of no help and you would have to use the battery analyzers with the boost function if there is ever a chance or reviving the battery. Also to remain on the safe side of things it is recommended not to charge a completely discharged lithium-ion battery immediately if it has been stored in that very condition for several months. This goes not only for the lithium-ion batteries within your mobile device but also for the laptop batteries and what else.

These are some of the tips that will definitely help you to increase the overall life of your lithium-ion battery and if you want to increase your battery life then follow some of these tips and see what works best for you. Just to be on the safe side of things, don’t jump into something that you are not absolutely sure of.