Friends of NRA banquets play a crucial role in supporting firearm safety education, youth shooting clubs, and conservation efforts. To maximize the impact of these banquets, incorporating creative and exciting fundraising ideas is essential. In this blog, we’ll explore 10 innovative and fun fundraising ideas that will not only engage attendees but also raise significant funds for the cause.

Idea 1: Live Auction


A live auction is a dynamic and engaging way to raise funds at the Friends of NRA Banquet. Attendees can bid on unique items, such as limited-edition firearms, hunting trips, or shooting experiences. The competitive nature of live auctions creates an exciting atmosphere and encourages attendees to bid generously. To make the live auction a success, follow these steps:

  • Display items prominently: Set up a designated area where the auction items are showcased. Use attractive displays and ensure clear visibility for all attendees.
  • Detailed item descriptions: Prepare detailed descriptions of each auction item, highlighting its unique features, value, and any additional experiences included.
  • Starting bids: Determine reasonable starting bids for each item to generate initial interest and participation.
  • Professional auctioneer: Hire an experienced auctioneer who can engage the crowd, build excitement, and skillfully handle bids.
  • Create a sense of urgency: Set specific time limits for each item, ensuring that the auction moves at a good pace and maintains attendees’ attention.

Idea 2: Charity Safaris Hunting Trip Donations


Offering Charity Safaris hunting trips as a fundraising option can add a unique and exciting element to the banquet. Seek partnerships with reputable hunting outfitters who are willing to donate hunting trip packages. These packages can include guided hunts for various game species in desirable locations.

  • Promotion: Highlight the hunting trip donations in your event marketing materials, website, and social media channels. Emphasize the exclusive and once-in-a-lifetime experiences that attendees can bid on or purchase.
  • Auction or Raffle: Determine whether the hunting trips will be part of the live auction, silent auction, or a separate raffle. Clearly communicate the details of each hunting trip package, including the destination, duration, included services, and any additional expenses or requirements.
  • Exclusivity: Create a sense of exclusivity around the hunting trips by limiting the number of available packages. This can drive up excitement and competitiveness among attendees.
  • Personal Testimonials: If possible, share testimonials or stories from previous hunters who have experienced similar trips. Highlight the quality of the outfitter’s services and the extraordinary hunting opportunities that await the lucky winners.

Idea 3: Raffle


Raffles are crowd-pleasing fundraising choices, especially when featuring firearms or shooting accessories as prizes. Follow these steps to organize a successful raffle:

  • Prize selection: Secure attractive prizes that align with the interests of your audience. These can include popular firearms, hunting gear packages, shooting range memberships, or unique experiences.
  • Legal considerations: Familiarize yourself with local laws and regulations regarding raffles, especially those related to firearms. Ensure compliance and obtain any necessary permits.
  • Ticket sales: Promote the raffle in advance and sell tickets both before and during the banquet. Offer different ticket packages or incentives for bulk purchases to increase sales.
  • Drawing excitement: Build anticipation by announcing the raffle drawing time and ensuring it takes place at a high-visibility moment during the banquet. Consider live streaming the drawing for remote attendees or those who couldn’t make it to the event.

Idea 4: Wall of Guns


Create a captivating “Wall of Guns” display at the banquet to generate excitement and raise funds. Here’s how it works:

  • Display selection: Gather a collection of firearms that appeals to a wide range of interests, including handguns, rifles, shotguns, and collectible pieces.
  • Numbered tickets: Assign each firearm a corresponding numbered ticket. Attendees can purchase tickets and place them into a drawing for a chance to win the firearm of their choice.
  • Drawing announcement: Build suspense by announcing the drawing time and drawing the winning ticket numbers during a dedicated segment of the banquet.
  • Claiming process: Ensure a smooth process for the winners to claim their firearms, including necessary background checks or transfer procedures in compliance with local regulations.

Idea 5: Wine Pull


Add an element of surprise and fun to the banquet with a Wine Pull station. Here’s how it can raise funds:

  • Wine selection: Collect a variety of donated wines, ranging in quality, price, and vintages. Include a mix of popular options and unique bottles to create intrigue.
  • Ticket purchase: Attendees can purchase tickets at a set price to “pull” a random bottle of wine from the selection. Consider offering different ticket price tiers for a chance to win higher-value bottles.
  • Special designations: Designate some bottles as premium or include special prizes with certain corks. For example, a select few corks may entitle the ticket holder to additional wine-related gifts or experiences.
  • Additional opportunities: Offer attendees the option to purchase multiple tickets for increased chances of winning or create a VIP wine pull experience with exclusive bottles and perks.

Idea 6: Game Stations

Set up interactive game stations to engage attendees and raise funds. Here’s how to make game stations a success:

  • Variety of games: Create shooting or target practice games that cater to different skill levels and interests. Examples include laser shooting galleries, archery stations, or interactive virtual shooting simulations.
  • Participation fees or donations: Charge a participation fee for each game station or offer unlimited access for a set donation. Ensure that the fee is reasonable and attractive to encourage broad participation.
  • Prizes and competitions: Offer prizes for top performers or hold friendly competitions between attendees. Consider awarding trophies, shooting accessories, or gift certificates to local shooting ranges or outdoor retailers.

Idea 7: Sponsorships


Engaging local businesses as sponsors can significantly boost fundraising efforts. Follow these steps to secure sponsorships:

  • Sponsorship packages: Develop sponsorship packages that offer various benefits to sponsors, such as prominent event signage, recognition in the banquet program, VIP privileges, or promotional opportunities.
  • Targeted outreach: Reach out to businesses and organizations that align with the mission of Friends of NRA. Emphasize the positive exposure they will receive by sponsoring the banquet and supporting the community.
  • Sponsor appreciation: Express gratitude to sponsors by publicly acknowledging their support during the banquet. Consider offering exclusive benefits or a dedicated sponsor appreciation event.

Idea 8: Fund-a-Need

Introduce a Fund-a-Need initiative to rally support for specific projects or causes. Here’s how it can drive fundraising:

  • Identify important initiatives: Highlight the importance of funding initiatives such as firearm safety education programs, youth shooting clubs, range improvements, or conservation efforts.
  • Compelling presentation: Create a compelling presentation or video that clearly outlines the impact of donations towards these initiatives. Share success stories, testimonials, and concrete examples of how the funds will be utilized.
  • Direct monetary donations: Encourage attendees to make direct monetary donations towards the Fund-a-Need initiative during the banquet. Provide multiple ways to donate, such as through cash, checks, credit cards, or online platforms.
  • Recognition and gratitude: Publicly acknowledge and thank donors for their contributions, both during the event and through follow-up communications. Provide updates on the progress and outcomes of the funded initiatives.

Idea 9: Live Entertainment


Enhance the atmosphere of the banquet and attract attendees with live entertainment. Here’s how it can contribute to fundraising:

  • Entertainment selection: Consider hiring a local band, comedian, or motivational speaker to entertain the guests during the banquet. Choose performers who align with the interests and preferences of your audience.
  • Ticket sales: Sell tickets to the entertainment segment separately, with a portion of the proceeds going towards fundraising efforts. This allows attendees to enjoy a memorable experience while supporting the cause.
  • Promotion and marketing: Promote the entertainment segment in advance through various channels, such as social media, email newsletters, and event websites. Highlight the uniqueness of the entertainment act to generate interest and increase ticket sales.

Idea 10: Membership Drive

Promote Friends of NRA memberships during the banquet to drive long-term support. Here’s how to make it successful:

  • Membership benefits: Clearly communicate the benefits of becoming a member, such as access to exclusive events, newsletters, discounts on merchandise or shooting range fees, or the opportunity to participate in special programs.
  • Special incentives: Offer special incentives or discounts for attendees who sign up for memberships at the event. Consider exclusive merchandise, entry into a members-only raffle, or priority registration for future events.
  • Information and sign-up stations: Set up dedicated booths or tables with membership information, application forms, and staff or volunteers available to answer questions and assist with sign-ups.
  • Follow-up communications: Ensure that new members receive a warm welcome and regular updates on the organization’s activities, achievements, and upcoming events.


With these 10 exciting fundraising ideas, Friends of NRA banquets can become even more successful in supporting firearm safety education, youth shooting clubs, and conservation efforts. From live auctions to membership drives, each idea offers unique opportunities for engagement and fundraising. By incorporating these ideas into future banquets, the Friends of NRA can make a substantial impact on their cause while creating memorable experiences for attendees.